This is a powerful invitation to accept the initiation of embodying Divine Wealthy High Priestess Power
The Wealthy High Priestess is a coding and frequency that once again needs to be born onto this planet through those that are willing to step up and join that path

For eons women have been silenced, shamed, persecuted for their Divine Magick and unable to truly experience wealth of choice, freedom and money. 

Our souls and feminine lineages carry the weight of lifetimes where their only opportunity to truly have wealth was through marriage. They were a commodity.

Yet this was not always the path for women. In societies such as ancient Egypt the High Priestesses leading the temples and those within her cults would have been rich & powerful in their own right. 

They were respected, sought after and the main advisor to the most powerful leaders of the land.

The pharaoh would often have a priestess as a partner. Throughout history the Divine Priestess lineage would have married or had children with the most connected of bloodlines.

Her Divine intuitive gifts and magickal wisdom was seen as a direct conduit to the gods and goddesses. Her words were listened to & guidance followed.

Which is why the role of the Feminine and Temples within the ancient Egyptian era became such a threat. The power of the feminine to influence the way society was run then came under attack. Through the corrupt Amun priests who sought to take over tax collection often through dark magick agenda so they could over power the leaders but also the Romans who sought to devalue the Goddess cults in favour of introducing wide spread Christianity. 

This shift is a wound that many women carry. This rises in us when we want to step up in our power, be seen, serve and earn at our highest potential. We fear attack, persecution and the consequences of such a bold step.

Yet now is the time dear sister. Time to rise from the shadows. 
 Stop hiding, playing small and claim your magickal power! It’s time to step up and collectively create a new wealth consciousness for women. One where girls are born into a world where wealth, abundance, freedom to express themselves and experience pleasure is their Divine birth right.
There has never been such a time in society where your presence, magick and voice is so greatly needed.  
Your soul gifts are being activated within you as they must be shared
You can’t have impact whilst also playing small and into the drama of struggle! It’s just not in vibrational alignment!
This immersion was birthed through me from deep guidance. I was taken on a journey to complete specific energy activations and open a stargate portal on the sacred site of Stonehenge then later Avebury and Cleopatra’s needle.

Work over the past two years had prepared me for this. I unravelled the root of the dark arts affecting the sacred sites Globally and set about a dismantlement of the grids and structures that have been blocking so much of the powerful spiritual teams from assisting us on our Earth walk.

In pulling down these structures space is created for new consciousness templates to be created. One where women can be leaders, have financial freedom and a whole new wealth consciousness grid to tap into for their wisdom. This means they have a new set of beliefs and programming to pull from.
 One where women can step into the full embodiment of the wealthy high priestess in their lives. A consciousness that also supports the immergence of the child leaders also being born on this planet. Many new souls are being brought to us with insights and wisdom to lead from a young age and we must also create a safe world for them to thrive and rise.
 Beautiful soul if you have found this page. Your soul have already contracted for you to be part fo this bigger picture legacy work.
This is what The Wealthy High Priestess sisters have to say about the program...
This sacred space is for any woman who is ready to embody her Wealthy High Priestess Power

Women who are ready to embark on a journey to claim their magickal creatrix power and tools.

Each week will be an unfolding of another layer to be revealed, released and new wisdom, codes, gifts and tools imparted to assist you in your transformation.
We will work on all layers of your being. This is not only a soul and energy matrix transformation. This is a physical body realignment too. 

Many women struggle to truly recognise the power of their body, their pleasure and how this can literally be a gateway to wealth manifestation.

I will take you on a physical and energetic cleanse through the immersion preparing you to rebirth into the wealthy high priestess .
When we feel good and tap into joy, pleasure and a knowing of our inner power. We are ready to undertake the initiation into high magick. Focus and intention on ritual is a rapid way to ground manifestations into the physical realm. We will go deep into the financial alchemy of money magick and the loving spiritual team who will assist you.
I invite you to join a new reality, one that is birthed through your own Divine Soul Transformation and reclaiming of your High Priestess power.
Through our coming together as powerful Priestesses, a collective field of Divine Feminine energy is conjured. Within this WE CAN CHANGE LIVES & ASSIST IN BIRTHING THE NEW WORLD AROUND US!
The world needs your healing wise words and magickal powers! 
This is what The Wealthy High Priestess sisters have to say about the program...
Here’s what
Access to a private Powerful Wealthy High Priestess FACEBOOK group throughout the immersion
Value: priceless 
Week 1
Live group opening ceremony & activation (Zoom)

Wednesday 11th November 20. 7:30pm London/GMT time

Alignment with the support of the God Mercury- Support with finances, change & creativity

An orange candle to be burnt during this ceremony 
Sacred site activation: Stonehenge-Winter Solstice Activation of the Stargate portal- Clearing of the Global sacred sites and ley lines. Embodiment of the codes of the Wealthy High Priestess and the Magnetic Goddess. (MP4 live recording)
Value £1111
Week 2
Activating the Wealthy High Priestess within (Zoom)

Wednesday 18th November 20.  7:30pm London/GMT time

Divine content materials: 
  • Accessing the feminine leader within
  • Calling back your magick & releasing projections of others (Mp4 recording)
Sacred site activation: Cleopatras needle (London)- Deactivation of the dark power grids. Energy upgrade to activate your inner Feminine spiritual leadership power. Transmission of the new codes to support the next generation of high vibrational children in stepping into their pioneer roles in supporting humanity. Channelled powerful wisdom and activations from Egyptian Gods, Goddesses & the leaders, Queen Nefertiti, Cleopatra & Tutankhamun (MP4 live recording) 
Value: £1300 
Week 3
Embodying Pleasure & Beauty- the path to the captivating goddess (Zoom)

Wednesday 25th November 20.  7:30pm London/GMT time

Initiation by the 5 Sexual Goddesses:

- Goddess Isis- Sexual magic and power

- Goddess Innana- The sovereign rebel & serpent queen

- Goddess Kunda- Cosmic Enchantress- embodiment of pure life force and sexual power

- Goddess Gaia/Earth Mother and oracular source for the Nymphs.  Protectress of the Earth

- Goddess Mary Magdalene- High Initiate of the Goddes ISIS cult and Priestess of sacred sexuality embodiment & Divine Feminine coding

Divine content materials: 
  • Magickal Ritual to remove guilt & shame in connection to money- (Mp4 recording)
  • Pathway to pleasure- Sex Magick Manifestations (Mp4 recording)
  • Energy body upgrade to hold more money (energy)
Sacred site activation: Avebury part 1- The Freedom codes. Land guardian and Elemental blessings of support to assist you to recalibrate your field and consciousness to the codes of freedom. Where you can express and be in a place of personal power, authority and authenticity. Free from pain, suffering, obligation and servitude to comply to the will of others. Embodiment of these shifts through the physical body and then into the land to assist a new grid to be created (MP4 live recording)  
Value: £1800 
Week 4
The art of Financial Alchemy - Money Magick (Zoom)

Thursday 3rd Dec 20 at 7:30pm London/GMT time

Green candle to be burnt during this ceremony

Divine content materials: 
  • Connect with the genius spirits of wealth & master ancient word of power  
  • Magick ritual for the removal of desperation and the request for financial expansion (Mp4 recording)
  • Magick ritual to remove financial barriers within (MP4 & PDF workbook)
Value: £1800 
Week 5
Freedom to express and be seen -remove the blocks to being witnessed as the Wealthy High Priestess (Zoom)

Wednesday 9th Dec 20. 7:30pm London/GMT time

Divine content materials: 
  • Divine Voice activation - unlocking of the throat chakra and yoni channel
  • Future self timeline merge into your Priestess leadership role
  • Visibility challenge
  • Write a new script of ‘who’ you are (release the old story holding you at a lower vibration)
Stonehenge part 2- Freedom from enslavement on all levels. Detachment from matrixes, frequencies, old lineages, societal constructs of repression, feminine disempowerment & forms of slavery. Igniting Feminine Sovereign power to live, love and lead in alignment to your true soul self. Integration and embodiment.
Value: £1800 
Week 6
Rebirth ceremony- Embodiment of the Wealthy High Priestess (Zoom)

Wednesday 16th Dec 20. 7:30pm London/GMT time

Divine content materials: 
  • Living as a Wealthy High Priestess- Remove mis-alignments in life
  • Integrity as personal power
  • The cycles of upgrades and initiations as a Priestess
Value: £1111 
Angelic Magick- introduction to your 3 Hermetic Angels of Influence (Physical/Emotional/Intellect)
  • You will provide your details to Allera Dawn in advance via e-mail.  I will then send you the details of your specific Angels of Influence.
  • Specific information of what is required will be posted in the Private FB Group.
  • These angels are assigned to you and will become close allies in your path.  In magick angels are used for many purposes including the shifting of frequency set point.
  • Daily Angelic Magick.  Building a connection, trust and specific direction on how to work with them- (Mp4 recording)
Value: £888 
Connection to the Unlocked Magick of the Full Moon- Dragon magick
  • Amplify ritual magick using the full moon through Dragon Magick
  • Working with elemental dragons 
  • Soak up this streaming of energy & amplify all you hold appreciation for.
  • This is a time to catalyze the effect of the law of attraction whilst in this state
Value: £555 
The total value of the Immersion group sessions and divine content is £10,365 
 but yours for only £2444 
Instalments available through Paypal credit! 
 Limited spaces available!
I want us to rise together and now you can! 
No excuses!
You’ll now have the tools you need to embody your inner Wealthy High Priestess Power! 
I'm allera dawn...
And I believe that the all parts of the woman behind the business must be loved, nurtured, supported and seen. All parts of shadow and light including anything that is making her dim her light. In order for her to confidently take centre stage as a soulpreneur in her life.

The invitation you have in front of you is an opportunity to bring out the ‘FULL’ version of you. Helping you reclaim your feminine power (including the activation of the wisdom of your womb), accessing self love, joy through pleasure and align this to your purpose. Helping you create a soul aligned and fulfilled life!

Before I offer you this gateway to transformation, self empowerment and purpose. Let me tell you a bit about me…
One thing to remember is nothing is static. Everything is in movement.  Nothing stays the same truly.  Knowledge is power and your soul is the gatekeeper to the infinite wisdom you need to truly live a prosperous, loving, fulfilled life that allows you to be your true self!  You just have to let it in to start helping you.

About 10 years ago I was woken at 3am and was shown in crystal clear clarity not only my current situation (a relationship with a man I was about to marry), my future life with him and the deep inner pain of loneliness I felt.  My soul literally woke me up with a huge warning.  WAKE UP, were the loud words I heard in my head as I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding so hard i thought it would explode out of my chest!

My soul was desperately trying to save me.  It ultimately helped me dodge a bullet.  To marry that man…a man I now know to be a karmic soulmate would have been the soul death of me!  I would have chose an Instagram life of 7 exotic holidays a year, a handsome man, great home and social life which on the outside looked ‘perfect’.  In reality it was far from it...
This Is What The Wealthy High Priestess Sisters Have To Say About The Program...
This Immersion Will:
1. Help you reconnect with your inner Wealthy High Priestess. Healing the wounds of suppression and attack that hold women back from taking the stage of their lives.

2. Provide you with sacred site activations (soul realignment, light language and quantum field healing) and divine content that can be used throughout the rest of your deepening journey.

3. Remove the blocks to finding your voice and expressing pleasure. Often through many lifetimes we have energetically locked the channels that allow us to truly tap into the power of our bodies combined with pleasure for the magickal purpose of manifesting the lives we desire.

4. We will go on a journey of high magick and teach you how you can utilise this ancient wisdom along with your high vibe emotional state to call in wealth!

5. We will reject personal poverty and make a declaration for wealth.

6. We will tap into pleasure and how we can use Goddess activations and magick to amp up your inner magnetic goddess frequency!

7. Join an intimate group of sisters in this intensive immersion where you will be able to grow, learn and be seen in a safe, held space.

8. Provide consciousness activating material to help you access more of your soul power, embody it and pass this on to the future generations. 

9: All materials are housed in a membership site which each member has access to once purchased.  Materials will be released on specific dates throughout the immersion. 
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