Upper limits are the signs a spiritual upgrade awaits

We have all been there. It’s all going so well…till it isn’t.

We start to notice that one by one the areas of our lives or businesses start to show unseen cracks. Leaving us often bemused at how we hadn’t seen them before. We can find ourselves in a scenario that looks like we’re attempting to mend leaks in a pipe. As soon as we tend to one leak another appears.

It’s not our normal state and it really doesn’t feel good. It brings on some doubt. Then we start recalling past events and searching the memory database to try and find the answer and solution. Instead, we end up confused and frustrated.

Let’s take a step back and look at what is happening & why this is happening now.

For many we have grown up with a strong education in flexing our mind. We consume huge amounts of data daily & are adept at utilizing this database as this is what we have been taught.
The mind is so powerful that we can track patterns & recall past events to attempt to foresee what an outcome will be to help us create the right strategy in life.

Our mind is so powerful that it helped us survive often numerous experiences of trauma, neglect, shame, guilt, loss and grief in our lives. Conveniently tucking those events away so you can survive, function and carry on.

Our mind can also become such a task master of survival that it will override your ability to feel. Including the sensations of basic needs like feeling hungry or needing the toilet!
So, a big high five to this amazing evolutionary machine that is the mind.

Up until a point in our lives we are on a path of self-mastery through use of our mental capacity. This has kept us focussed on a linear world path which is constricted much in part to what has happened in the world and you creating your life, success & reality based on those constructs.

Yet there’s some big pieces missing in this Earthly education model. The soul for one. The most expansive, illuminated part of yourself that isn’t restricted by the limits of what has or hasn’t occurred in your life or what you were born into.

Your soul is the key navigational player on this Earth journey and most of us aren’t playing on the same team. We are pushing through life thinking that struggle to achieve success is the norm and that problems can be resolved by strategy or sheer will & determination alone. That’s all the mind knows after all. It’s just trying to do the job as best as it can. Holding the fort as the other elements of self aren’t being allowed to have a say.

Yet you are an energetic being who chose your body as a vehicle to have an experience on this Earth plane. So that body you neglect, ignore it’s calls for rest or food. The one you pinch, berate, or tell it should be more or less than. Is a pretty important player on your team. It also holds a voice & consciousness which needs to be on board with your next big goal! Just as your soul also wants a say.

So, we understand now that we have a team of mind, body, soul but there’s one more player. Your emotions. We are on a planet where in many cultures we were raised in families who didn’t have all the tools in the tool kit when it came to communication, love and healthy expression of emotions.

We learn at a young age what emotions are acceptable and which aren’t. Yet what isn’t understood is that emotions are energy. Energy that needs to be in motion. All of us have been taught to suppress in different ways. This creates blocks in the energy flow within us & trapped emotions manifests in ailments, illness & general dis-ease.

Our emotions play a key part in helping us tap into our desires. They are also messengers through which the soul will speak to us. Allowing us to understand the dialogue of communication we hold within us. Yet no one taught us how.

So, what is going on when we hit a glass ceiling at this time?

For many this is the wake-up call to recognise that you aren’t operating as your whole self.  

Which is the cohesive collective, mind, body, soul & emotions!

It is an awakening and expansion in your consciousness through these seemingly outer reality break downs that are in effect break throughs. As they set you on a trajectory to a richer, more expansive life path. One where your old stories and events don’t limit your future outcomes.

This is part of the awakening that many of the women who work with me are often unknowingly on. The wheels have come off. The relationship has broken down or illness took them out of the career path they were on. 

Their soul initiation started, and this will be one of undoing much of the limiting conditioning you hold. As this is the keys to expanding your potential, impact, abundance & joy levels. A release of all the unseen boxes & cages we are trapped within in. 

In truth we are all master manifestors! We are now understanding how to consciously manifest the life’s, success, abundance, love we desire through soul aligned guidance. Getting all our inner team players on board so we step out of the reality of struggle & limitations set by society. Into the unlimited potential of the soul!

Upper limits appear when we are ready for our next level. They are a road sign not necessarily a road block.

I always remind my clients during this period of entering what feels like the unknown that they have been through this growth cycle before. Except they are now they are learning they can choose how to traverse this in elegance or struggle. They quickly realise that its’ a more enjoyable experience when we work with the momentum of change instead of resist it. That’s part of the quantum leap. This means they start to cultivate a new empowered method to have influence abundance they choose to create in their lives.

A big reminder is that yesterday’s upper limit is todays status quo.

Stepping into the unknown, out of your comfort zone will bring up all the areas that are no longer helping you. The old narratives, beliefs, energy blocks, routines, habits, and behaviours. Which when the soul knows you are meant for bigger things will orchestrate situations that appear as annoying break downs in the routine, function, or relationships. However, they are the sign posts!

This is a consciousness shift that can at times feel quite overwhelming. The soul often wants momentum. A sense of urgency becomes felt. All the blocks feel amplified. It can have even the most successful women go into doubt, imposter syndrome and completely forget her own power!
This is the time to get the support not go it alone!

Nothing on the spiritual soul path can be figured out through the logic mind.

The souls path is one of initiation and again is integrated through experience & embodied change in action, behaviors & perspectives.

You are learning to operate in alignment as a whole version of self: Mind, body, emotions & soul!
There’s no one size fits all. No cookie cutter road map you can read in a book.

Which is why my role as spiritual advisor, coach, healer & embodied High Priestess provides the expertise to accelerate your growth & assist you in navigating this new territory in a grounded way that empowers you to have confidence & enjoy the ride!

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