The secret weapon the top mindset money coaches & entrepreneurs aren’t telling you

It takes a team to build the village. The face of the brand or business doesn’t have to be an expert at everything.

Which means that they themselves may be the expert in one area but in fact there’s much more happening below the surface that isn’t visible.

We are all aware that marketing is itself a game of psychology laced with modern day spellcasting of words and enchantment of image. Each brand creates it’s own magical reality that invites you in to taste the elixir.

The viewpoint the consumer see’s is the magical glamour. A curated message, image & sometimes even a persona. We live in an age where we are bombarded by imagery and influence.

There is an art to this all. Which through technology can now be accessed globally without restriction.

I want to lift the lid on something! Which will be both illuminating & freeing.
The experts employ experts to assist them in their success.

It’s quite normal and acceptable that someone may employ a PT to help them get into the best shape & meet their fitness goals. Exercise without adequate nutrition is a recipe for failure. So a nutritionist or personal chef may be employed to guide what to eat for optimal brain, body & function. Optimal performance is supported by ensuring the ‘machine’ is running in perfect form.

If someone desires to achieve something it makes sense that to quantum leap their journey we want to learn from others who have walked that path. It allows us to fast track & access the creative minds of others. Often through a level of osmosis by being in high level masterminds or 121 coaching we will expand the limits of what we thought was possible & step further into our fullest potential.

There is a saying that you are a sum of the closest 5 people you surround yourself with. In effect the more expansive this inner circle is, to how you desire to be living, the easier it will be for you to quantum leap into that reality for yourself.

High achievers and those who have big visions in life recognise the best investment they can make is in themselves. They will always have the greatest return on investment as they are committed to their growth & will take aligned action even if it does mean leaning out of their comfort zone again and again. They recognise change is part of the process and are adept at stepping out of the status quo.

So, what happens when the expert money coach or the entrepreneur hits a block? Perhaps an upper limit they just can’t seem to traverse? They don’t wait around or try to avoid it. They will often bring the challenge to their support network.

Yet sometimes the answers aren’t always within the realms of the ‘known’ or ‘seen’ reality.
This is where a ‘whole-istic’ approach is needed. You are more than just your mind and body. You are a powerful soul & intricate energy network interweaving you through many unseen influences & timelines.

This is not just in reference to the unconscious mind. Which is influencing about 95% of what we do. You have a soul with a higher plan, purpose & agenda too.
The missing link is in the unseen. It’s the piece that doesn’t get taken into account with modern talking therapies & coaching.

When something becomes blocked in your life. Whether it’s not being able to break the glass ceiling on the next launch $$$$ or floods of imposter syndrome, fear & doubt arising when you decide to take your next big leap. It’s a red flag warning that you aren’t in alignment & it’s time to go deeper.

If you desire a new result, it will often mean taking a new approach, direction & action. Yet when we get stuck or find ourselves in loops as what used to work before is no longer or we seem to have lost the passion for the direction our life was taking. It’s time to assess what is happening at a higher unseen level.

Blocks, repeating looping patterns and upper limit struggles all bring with them a gift of soul growth. It means no matter what new strategy, affirmations, mind set work, tapping, meditation, breathwork or whatever else you have tried. If you aren’t checking in with soul. You will often end up with more chaos. As the soul will take you off any path that isn’t for you.

When we begin to realise that for us to feel most fulfilled and most connected to flow. Where the ideas & intuitive guidance just comes to us effortlessly. Life feels expansive & exciting & there’s a deep sense of being connected to this greater magical universe. It helps us to realise that we need to get ALL parts of us on board with the decisions we are making otherwise they will kick up a tantrum!

Everything is energy. This isn’t all about high vibes & positive thinking. That’s just part of the puzzle. For us to align to the highest expression of self, the next money level, the promotion, setting up our own business, taking the next big leap. We have to identify what needs to change within us for us to align energetically first & then follow with the conscious action. To bring about the change we desire.

Have you ever tried to force something? Perhaps launched a new product, program or tried to close a business deal when you knew inside something wasn’t quite aligned. So to meet a timeframe or limit you had created you pushed it through. We’ve all been there!

We often have these as stories we refer back to in hindsight. Wishing we’d listened to our inner instinct. Instead we may have overlooked details & the deal fell through. We signed clients that weren’t a good fit and then we had to work with them till the end of the contract.

Perhaps you did all the warm up, launched and then no one bought from you! The energy here is mis-aligned and heavy. Not free and expansive. The timing was often off. We were not seeing the full ‘unseen’ picture. Most importantly we weren’t accessing the souls highest perspective which would have taken us to the highest outcome without all the unnecessary pushing, struggle and forcing something to work.

This is where I come in. This is where I am the secret weapon. The money coach who was struggling with her own upper limits & knew her own ‘mindset’ tools weren’t working, discreetly works with me to get to the root on ALL levels to clear the blocks. The new strategy also just ‘drops’ in when the energy is clear. She gains the conscious awareness as I access the unseen realms and give her the soul & energetic bigger picture she can’t see for herself. I utilize my healing abilities to transform the obstacles & often energetic interference blocking herself & her business. So new possibilities, opportunities open up rapidly in her life.

Energy is everything. Remove the energetic blocks to what you desire & you then align to the things you desire to manifest/create in life.

I am a huge advocate for women & have worked with many navigating difficult divorce & custody battles. Caught in the painful dynamics amongst families & then having to negotiate financial settlement. I am more than aware that money can be used as a form of control & punishment.
When women work with me around any issue relating to a relationship. This includes a partner, husband, boss, colleague, friend or family. They often are so caught up with the injustice, blame, pain & feeling stuck. That they can’t figure it out on their own.

I remind them that firstly every relationship is a soul connection. All bad feeling is energy & every story, projection, blame, shame is just a narrative of a script that is holding the toxic dynamic in place. Which means it can all be transformed when we take a souls higher perspective. Which also often means karmic clearing & healing will dissipate the tensions & open new timelines of possibility to negotiate a different outcome.

I had a client whose husband had stolen from her business and was causing disruption by intimidating staff & harassing potential clients. She had filed for a divorce & he was refusing to sign it. She was doing her best to rebuild her life, run a successful business & care for two young daughters.

After working with me & doing the inner alchemical work on herself, the business & the over all dynamic at play. He returned the $1.5mm taken from the business & walked into her office with the signed divorce papers & gave her full custody of the children. No more drama. We had shifted at root what was playing out in the situation. She had raised her desires, values & was clear on what she wanted as an outcome. It then just happened – effortlessly in a way that could never have been contrived or forced.

How empowering to know that you have the power to transform any situation.
You just might need another expert in your ‘inner circle’ to help you elegantly navigate life’s road blocks & diversions before they happen!

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