The rebirth of the high priestess in society

As we are amidst the greatest consciousness awakening the planet has seen for thousands of years.

We start to recognise that our history has stripped us of many of key players that assisted in our connections to nature, the planet & the universe.

We are going through a simultaneous deconstruction & reconstruction of who we think we are & our perceptions of the world we have known

It is as much a rebirth of the individual as it is the remembering of our collective ‘we’. How everything is connected and affecting each other

Science is beginning to step out from drawing within the lines & is gaining understanding of energy & quantum realities.

All of which is beginning to unearth where the split between science, spirituality, nature occurred.

2020 brought about the collective Dark night of the soul. The descent inwards to unravel the illusions & evolve into our luminary selves. Breaking free from the chains of programming, societal cages & the teachings that have held us captive.

For many this brought about a desire for more.

They may have created success. The life they desired. The career, travel, money, lifestyle. Yet something was missing.

The soul started to call. Knocking at the door in the form of red flags, anxiety, health issues, burn out, depression, longing for a freedom but not knowing how or even what this looked like.

The things that once brought fulfilment no longer did. People were brought face to face with the fruits of their choices and had to re-assess. Is this it? I DESIRE more!

It’s in that moment the initiation to seek starts. It’s often at this stage that women find me. Their soul aligns our paths.

I am the catalyst, healer, teacher, coach, therapist, shaman, spiritual advisor, entrepreneur & corporate businesswoman all rolled into one. No box is big enough to fit me! I am the modern-day high priestess. 
I realise many in this day in age are not familiar with the role of the High priestess. It invokes images often from mythical stories back through Ancient Egypt or Greece.

For some who have some knowledge through the religious, pagan or even more magical teachings there may be some familiarity. She is also woven through our consciousness as an archetype (a term coined by Carl Jung).

I am going to carve out a new perspective. One that will provide you with reason why I have been called to share my magick once more. This is the re-birth of humanity. A reclamation to our wholeness including our sovereignty, spiritual intuitive gifts, access to pleasure, joy & purpose.

If we take a step back in time, we will recognise that the feminine was celebrated rather than sanitized, shamed and censored.

The High Priestess was someone who embodied the inner healer, shaman, psychic, teacher, oracle, magician & witch. She didn’t fit in a box. Her path of initiation to master her gifts & then lead others was forged between her soul & the Divine. She was a powerful leader of self & the kingdoms she lived in.

Kings, politicians, pharaohs, landowners & military leaders would rely on the High Priestess to remove the unseen obstacles in their path. She was a vital part of their inner order before decisions were made. She would align the spiritual realms to support, protect & open the abundance required for success.

Queens, Empresses, Priestesses, Midwives, Doctors, women in the community would come to her for help & healing with fertility, births, healing, death rites, family illness and money issues. She was one of the key pillars of society. 
The High Priestess would not always marry or have children. Yet when they did, she would birth children with the most powerful lineages. Her power & activated gifts would then be inherited into the lines of those running countries. Ensuring a level of ancient coding to be passed through the DNA. 
She would take many priestesses through initiations each year. Transferring the knowledge & opening their own gifts, talents & soul path. Creating a rich support for communities & keeping a high regard for the feminine as equal in society.

The feminine form was seen as the creatrix. A feminine reflection of god, source soul and a deep requirement to the balance on Earth. There required to be both feminine & masculine in form to create. Which is the same for both human and nature. 
The ancients understood that nature and it’s elements are held within the human form (Earth=body, Water=emotions, Fire=mind, Air=soul). Therefore, just as nature experiences cycles of rest, growth, death & re-birth, so do humans in reflection of this.
She, like the shaman was able to ‘shapeshift’ between her feminine & masculine energies. Recognising that we are ALL of it. Meaning regardless of the gender form each human holds both inner masculine & feminine energies & a healthy inner relationship with these creates an outer world which holds regard for both men and women.

The ancient secret wisdom was always there but we were disconnected from the land and we have become disconnected from ourselves & our own true nature. The saying ‘as within, so without’. Leads us to the understanding that our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality. 

Something that science is beginning to catch up on now through Quantum physics. Plus some of the manifestation focussed law of attraction teachings weave some of this.

It was the fall of the Ancient temples that caused Feminine sacred teachings to become hidden. A deep separation & persecution wounding that affects society deeply even now. Far before the witchcraft trials across Europe & America occurred years later.

Women were pitted against each other. Suddenly the priestesses had gone from being wealthy, independent & respected to having no way to support themselves. Many were caught by the Romans & had to report on those who were still practicing in order to save themselves. 

This is the sisterhood wound many hold. A deep mistrust of women, groups of women & those in power. If betrayal, jealousy & competition is a theme in your life around women in your life. This will be part of the healing to transform it & break you free from that happening. 
It was a time where the knowledge of inner wholeness, connection to source through the body & our connection to all that is, was shattered. It was no longer safe for the priestesses to be sharing their wisdom. Many were killed for their roles as doulas, midwives, herbalists & healers during the Ancient Egyptian fall. The sacred teachings of Goddess ISIS & Hathor were driven underground. Passed through blood lines & secret mystery schools.
Today’s distortion seen in our minds, bodies and societies is in part to these ancient imbalances. A product of patriarchal religions, rulers & cultures embedded through till today.

Unseen wounding affecting our souls, the way we are stuck in the mind & disconnected from our bodies. This is part of the collective dis-ease. A symptom of a patriarchal society. Where men have had to suppress their inner feminine. Dis-connect from their emotions, intuition & deep protector roles for all on this Earth. 
Just as women have been forced to suppress their feminine energy to be safe. We hold wounding from the patriarchal coding that women are to be conquered just as lands, countries & materials were. Women have been conditioned to fully self-sacrifice, work hard, hustle & create through force whilst in the masculine energy. The ultimate servitude wound.

Many of our societies are based on this currently, but change is here & it’s happening within each of us. 
Often when the red flags show up. Burn out, health issues, life events & a deep inner knowing that there must be more. The soul is calling. It’s time to heal from the woundings that kept you trapped & embody a new reality. 

One where we are free to express ourselves & tap into our intuition as our divine navigation system. Begin to heal the parts of us that have sought validation from an old system & create a new way of living unapologetically. Shaping a new reality for humanity.
The High Priestess Reborn

I am rebirthing the Modern-Day High Priestess to assist in the healing & transformation of humanity.

None of what I was initiated in, activated, learned and now what I teach is abstract woo woo. It’s real-world ancient wisdom that you can apply and embody. In order to accomplish that it must become your lifestyle.

For us to create a brighter future for ourselves & our future generations we must first choose the path of the Luminary leader yourself. That is to mean someone who is a conscious person who is seeking their spiritual self. You are choosing to become your own life architect. Designing your own masterpiece.

  • You seek to expand past the limitations and constrictions you are feeling.
  • You wish to have a deeper trust of your intuition & lean into flow more.
  • ​Your body may even be telling you that the current route isn’t working any more (apathy, fight/flight nervous system, anxiety, weight gain & low libido)!
  • ​You may have noticed that what used to work and feel good no longer does.  
  • ​The money is blocked at the same level & you just can’t break that ceiling. You have tried many avenues and still the same result. It’s like there is a glass ceiling holding you down.
  • ​You desire a change of direction but can’t access the clear vision. There is also a nagging doubt of starting something new. Fear of failure is hanging over you. So, you remain stuck.
  • ​You know that this life really is a miracle & you’re here to enjoy it far more than you are giving yourself permission to right now.

Well welcome to my magical world…we have met for a reason

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