The Feminine Curse Of Self-Sacrifice & It’s True Cost

A clear soul message for women

There is nothing blocking you from having what you want.

You just need to choose it.

That sounds simple but let’s unpack this a little.

As high achievers. You have created and experienced success again and again. You have likely climbed a corporate ladder or re-invented yourself time and time again through different expansive business moves.

You know what it’s like to have the lifestyle you desire. The luxury. The experiences & travel. A family life where you get to provide in a way that supports & educates your children to grow with all needs met. You have created what is the dream for many & you are aware of this abundance. It came through a series of choices.

It's likely that whether you grew up with adversity or not, you found your way out of it. You shifted the narrative & gained clarity & success through education or through the exciting role within business that allowed you to become financially independent, buy yourself whatever you wanted & have a life that was full of opportunities.

Through the path you carved out, often in a male dominated arena. You were a pioneer.
You learnt to adapt to the pace. To compete & hustle. To survive in the fast-paced environment it meant always being one step ahead. As you were aware there was always an added need to prove yourself good enough if not more skilled than your peers.

You became adept at using your mind. So much so you would find yourself stuck there. If it wasn’t focused on the to do list, the next client demand or deadline. It was the parallel demands of your other identities…perhaps mother, wife, partner & friend. All requiring something from you. Often feeling like you were the expert at spinning plates yet revelling that others would marvel at this acrobatic ability.

Your ability to seemingly be ‘everything’ and give ‘everything’ to everyone became deeply interwoven in your identity. The one who was a success at everything she touched. A double edged sword. Much like a midas touch. For there was an unseen secret. She could not connect with her inner self & provide for her own inner needs, desires & yearnings. As she was too committed to others happiness over and above her own. It had become her badge of honour after all.

Where were you taught your value and worth lay in your output, achievement & capacity to put out fires instead of just the pure BE-ing that you are? Where did the entanglement of worthiness get wrapped up in moulding yourself into a role that didn’t allow ALL of you to be seen & valued?
This is happening to women from day one, but we are breaking free from these cages, one by one!

You will have noticed the subtle nudges at first. They were confusing. How can I feel so flat and unexcited about all of these things that once brought me amplified joy? So you went about adding more things to the to do list to shake things up. Perhaps took a vacation or started a new exercise routine. Trying to fix the inner reality and the feelings of discomfort by changing the outer reality of your life.

A trap most are completely unaware of. Your outer reality is a reflection of the inner. Not vice versa. The change much come from within to be fully aligned. Otherwise, it becomes a short-lived band aid.

The other signs may have begun to surface. Adrenal fatigue and auto immune illnesses arise. You find yourself disconnected from the neck down. Libido, your appetite for life isn’t what it seems. You always seem to feel there’s ‘not enough’, energy, sleep, excitement to keep you fulfilled with what you have created.

Where did your body start to send the warning signals of imbalance? Who taught you to ignore your needs? For many we’ve been told saying yes to ourselves is selfish. So we avoid listening to our inner compass of desire.

Normally the next goal or project would have excited you but instead it just doesn’t light you up. You aren’t connected to your pleasure.

This is the soul speaking to you.

When we’re stuck in the mind we are disconnected from the body. Our ability to feel and bring the sparks of energetic excitement through us is blocked. This means we are blocking the flow of energy that amplifies when running healthily.

Want to become…Magnetic, turned on to life & tapped into your intuition

A woman who is prioritising her pleasure first is magnetic. She is naturally vibrant, there’s something about her and people are attracted to her. Things just seem to fall into place for her. She shines her light bright in every room and will often have so much support as people just want to be around her.

This isn’t about the clothes she wears, the perfume, her weight or looks. Yet she will be feeling great whatever she is wearing as taking care in that area makes her feel good and is part of her ritual.

She is the embodiment of self love. She allows herself pleasure in whatever form turns her on. Including the food she eats, the products she uses on her body, making time for rest & ensuring she includes play each day.

She sets herself into a more feminine energy through giving herself what she wants. It’s that simple. Her daily objective is to tune into her needs and make sure she meets them. She knows her happiness lies in her own hands only. As is her pleasure. She doesn’t seek approval, permission, or validation from others to drive what she needs, desires or when she receives.
This may sound triggering to read this. This person may seem to be as mythical as a unicorn. You may have the narrative arise within you that ‘I can’t have that because…insert xyz’. Perhaps you even had some judgement or jealousy come up. Have compassion for yourself!
Remember everything you desire is possible if you choose it.

Regardless of your level of success, wealth or experience. We have been operating against the backdrop of a patriarchal society. One which in many lineages & industries still has women hustling in their masculine energy to keep up or get ahead. One whereby the age of 7 young girls have been taught to self-sacrifice and people please for validation & conditional love.
Except our souls and bodies knew differently. Our nervous systems aren’t meant to be on fight or flight constantly. We may not be running from lions anymore instead we’re on a racetrack of deadlines & responsibilities to others.

We have been taught to sacrifice our needs for others and then continued this into all areas of our lives.

No one taught us that our needs matter. That play is the gateway to our intuitive superpowers. That to allow the flow of energy in our body to bring to life exponential manifestations. We must re-connect with our bodies. Release all the trapped emotions of guilt & shame.
Start to set new boundaries and re-arrange the commitments so that we aren’t a modern-day slave to others dreams and remaining disconnected to our own.

You are not alone in this and there is no shame in not realising the collective spell we have been operating under.

With my guidance & keen ability to provide both the healing & next level vision. I have worked with women who within the first 3 months have recovered from chronic illness, lost the weight they had been trying to shift for years & connected to their bodies, their ability to feel pleasure & have a new lease of life. Leading them to make radical changes to re-prioritise themselves, their dreams & their careers. By becoming in true alignment, new job opportunities, clients, money & soulmates manifested effortlessly. Even though they had struggled for years to ‘make these things happen’.

Anything that is ‘forced’ comes from lack and fear not true alignment!

That’s the magic I teach you to embody. You attract not chase! Everything is energy!

I completely understand. This is a big shift! As no one taught you how to choose you!
No one taught you how you can access deeper levels of your intuitive gifts & wisdom by being connected to the feminine energy within you.

Burn out is not your natural state!

No one taught you that in order to start connecting to and listening to the messages from your soul. You need to get the body, mind and emotions into alignment.

This is how you create miracles. The quantum leaps. The timeline jumps into expansive landscapes of opportunity…

When you say ‘yes’ to soul. Which is saying ‘yes’ to you.

The universe can only respond by saying ‘yes’ in support!

Are you ready to create a new level of fulfilment, pleasure, joy & abundance in your life. Which feels deeply connected to source, soul & creating bigger impact in the world?

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