Welcome to the sovereign sisterhood
Transform and transmute the eons of shame, suffering & poverty your soul has been carrying
rise into the powerful priestess you are destined to be
Reclaim your master manifesting magickal wisdom and call in the divine riches of love, money and abundance that you desire
Join the Sovereign Sisterhood today 
Transform and transmute the eons of shame, suffering & poverty your soul has been carrying
Join the Sovereign Sisterhood today 
Welcome to this powerful vortex of Divine Priestess Power
Become activated to the most empowered lit up Goddess version of yourself! 
This is NOW a time for alignment to your joy, pleasure and inner magick!  
(Minus the fear of judgement, attack and the limiting constructs of patriarchal society) 
It’s time to activate your Priestess Power and create a new sovereign reality for the sisters to come. 
The total value of the monthly healing calls and activations is £2,221 but yours for only  
This sacred space is for any woman who is ready to embody her Divine Sovereign Power, Wisdom & Magick.

Women who decree and declare to rescind all agreements, vows, karma, ties, entanglements and contracts keeping them in looping patterns of disempowerment & scarcity. Those who are ready to rapidly ascend poverty consciousness and activate their inner CREATRIX!
Through our coming together as powerful Priestesses, a collective field of Divine Feminine energy is conjured. Within this WE CAN CHANGE LIVES & ASSIST IN BIRTHING THE NEW WORLD AROUND US!
I invite you to join a new reality, one that is birthed through your own Divine Soul Transformation LET GO OF THE OLD STORIES, THE SHAME, THE LIMITING BELIEFS AND PROGRAMS.

Quit playing to others rules of who they believe you SHOULD be.

Time to remove yourself from the chains of self-sacrifice and martyrdom.
Embody your Divine Intuitive gifts without fear of persecution
This Is What The Sovereign Sisters Have To Say About The Program...
 This is what Kristi Is saying about the program...
 This is what Charleen Is saying about the program...
 This is what Amanda Is saying about the program...
 This is what Kerrie Is saying about the program...
 This is what Danielle Is saying about the program...
Here’s what
1: High Priestess Channeled Group Healing Session: 1 x 60 minute FB livestream with Allera Dawn
Value: £555 
2: Group ceremony & topical Soul Realignment and Quantum Healing (collective themes affecting the feminine/group): 1 X 60min FB livestream with Allera Dawn
Value: £555 
3: Access to the membership site which houses powerful healing tools, video, activations, meditations and workbooks to support your journey of Feminine Empowerment

Sections include:
  • The Priestess upgrades: Expansion of Divine money, Psychic gifts, Love & Personal Power
  • Soul growth & inner alchemy
  • Energy Hygiene
  • Energy clearing for children
  • Inner kitchen witch
  • The power of the mother vortex
  • Relationships
  • Money & purpose
Value: £1111 
4:  Private access to a Powerful FACEBOOK sistership vortex group
Value: Priceless
The total value of the monthly healing calls and divine content is £2,221, but yours for only GBP 

I want us to rise together and now you can! No excuses!
I'm allera dawn...
And I believe that the all parts of the woman behind the business must be loved, nurtured, supported and seen. All parts of shadow and light including anything that is making her dim her light. In order for her to confidently take centre stage as a soulpreneur in her life.

The invitation you have in front of you is an opportunity to bring out the ‘FULL’ version of you. Helping you reclaim your feminine power (including the activation of the wisdom of your womb), accessing self love, joy through pleasure and align this to your purpose. Helping you create a soul aligned and fulfilled life!

Before I offer you this gateway to transformation, self empowerment and purpose. Let me tell you a bit about me…
One thing to remember is nothing is static. Everything is in movement.  Nothing stays the same truly.  Knowledge is power and your soul is the gatekeeper to the infinite wisdom you need to truly live a prosperous, loving, fulfilled life that allows you to be your true self!  You just have to let it in to start helping you.

About 10 years ago I was woken at 3am and was shown in crystal clear clarity not only my current situation (a relationship with a man I was about to marry), my future life with him and the deep inner pain of loneliness I felt.  My soul literally woke me up with a huge warning.  WAKE UP, were the loud words I heard in my head as I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding so hard i thought it would explode out of my chest!

My soul was desperately trying to save me.  It ultimately helped me dodge a bullet.  To marry that man…a man I now know to be a karmic soulmate would have been the soul death of me!  I would have chose an Instagram life of 7 exotic holidays a year, a handsome man, great home and social life which on the outside looked ‘perfect’.  In reality it was far from it...
This is what the sovereign sisters have to say about the program...

Monthly Divine Soul Ascension upgrade- light language transmission
This will reconfigure your holographic matrix to expanded wealth, abundance and receivership. Clearing out the energetic dross that’s blocking you from embodying more of your vital life force energy. This will include sacred soul fragment retrieval and integration. Helping you to feel more grounded, whole and empowered.
You’ll now have the tools you need to activate your inner Divine Sovereign Priestess!
This membership will:
1. Help you reconnect with your true inner feminine essence. Healing the wounds of mistrust in the feminine sistership that has plagued many. This time is now over. Dark sisterhood will not be tolerated as we rise together.

2. Assist you in activating your inner Sovereign priestess, Goddess and Witch. Activating as a collective creatrix of alchemy for the group and women globally.

3. Remove the veils of fear blocking you from opening up and expanding your psychic gifts.

4. Provide consciousness activating material to help you access more of your soul power, embody it and pass this on to the future generations.

5. Powerful transformational healing and coaching on Money, purpose and sacred business. 

6. Daily light code energy realignment to upgrade and align your field to abundance.

7. Assist you in learning the importance of energy hygiene in our lives and how we can assist our children by sharing this wisdom.

8. Angel & Dragon energy clearing for children.

9. Transformational book list: In sections of soul growth & alchemy, Motherhood and Relationships.

10. Teach you how to create sacred rituals and ceremonies.

11. Provide transformational limiting belief re programming from what is holding you back from deep nourishing self love.

12. 25+ videos of powerful content ready immediately.

13. All Fb lives are saved in the private FB group & uploaded to the membership site monthly with any bonus material.
This is what the sovereign sisters have to say about the program
This is what the sovereign sisters have to say about the program...
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