Soul Talk: Divorce is more than a physical break up

Dear Gorgeous Soul,

This is a message to remind you of just who you are!

A powerful creator. One who has traversed many lifetimes and holds hidden untapped gifts within her.

This may on the surface seen alien but a deep inner knowing is stirring as you read these words.

For, I understand life as you have known it had completely changed. The end of a relationship is a huge feat. One that took bravery, courage, and a leap of faith.

For you heard me. My whispers to guide you were vibrating within.

As you processed the emotions and transitioned into a new life. You have created space within you.

My guidance and clarity can start to be seen, heard and felt in a way you couldn’t access before.

I am asking you to trust in this process regardless of the fears that arise in you.

This is a rebirth or sorts. One into a more authentic soul aligned version of yourself. A remembrance of your limitless self.

For this is the truth

You are limitless & a new adventure awaits you!

Are you prepared to unpeel the illusions that block the desires you hold deeply within you?

As a soul we hold many energetic imprints, ties and connections to all experiences, people, events we have had. Your past thoughts, beliefs, emotions & stories whether they were true or just messages from ancestors, society or past partners. All remain running in our sub conscious mind and vibrating through our energy field.

We attract and manifest based on our vibrational frequency. The beliefs we hold affect what we attract. As we may want to manifest something new but are holding onto old narratives. Ones that feed a inner fear of not deserving or being worthy of what we want.

Love, sex, anger & sadness are powerfully charged emotional energetic states that create intricate entanglements with others.

Which is often why we end up stuck in loops. Perhaps unable to let go of the past soulmate or the pain of a breakup. There is still unresolved energy to be released.

We can find ourselves in situations where we seem to attract the same type of unhealthy toxic friendships or relationships. We may even find ourselves feeling invisible to the types of people we would like to have in our lives. As we have created armoury that literally blocks what we want from coming in.

The physical break up from a person is just one part of the new start. The next is in the soul healing. The energetic divorce to remove yourself from the storyline you created together. So that you are free to create something new from a healthier and higher vibrational set point.

This opens your energy field to new more aligned soulmates, experiences & abundance. You feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Often unknown to you the burdens were still there.

When we release ourselves energetically from ex partners. We can then pull all our energy back from them and this provides us with the vitality and magnetism we need to attract to us the things we desire.

Just a few of the benefits:

  • More energy
  • Less negative thoughts 
  • ​Higher vibration
  • ​More excitement and happiness  
  • ​Higher libido (your creative life force energy belongs to you)!
  • ​Feeling more grounded and in your body (not disassociated and spacey or thinking about the past constantly)
  • ​Feeling more empowered as you decided to take control of the situation & do the inner work
  • ​Stronger intuitive abilities emerge as you can gain clear guidance without the energetic interference from others
  • ​You will be able to manifest what you desire quicker as you are in alignment (no split energy between your old relationship/life situation)
  • ​Less stress 

I have had clients who within weeks of working with me and starting to do the inner work including the energetic divorce. A new soulmate has been brought into their lives. It opens the doors for all kinds of abundance.

I have also worked with a client whose ex was highly narcissistic and was battling with her to reduce the divorce settlement & kept on breaking boundaries set around childcare. When we understood the soul perspective on this relationship. We could see the karmic connections, close out the lessons and release the charge that kept the negative loop in place. Such a deep healing! My client set a new boundary stating new monetary requirements and conditions around child custody. Within 2 weeks not only had her ex partner apologised for his behaviour he also agreed to the new terms she had requested & wanted to find a new way for them to co-parent. A way that wasn’t destructive to the whole family! A complete 360!

This is the power of working at soul level! As we are all souls having an Earthly experience. So it makes sense that when we heal the issue at root it will manifest into a new dynamic in the physical day to day reality.

We are all operating from many unconscious wounds and inner stories that have us acting out, triggered, or projecting the past into our futures.

Until we decide we are ready for a new way!

A way that honours the freedom of expression our soul desires. Without the lack, drama and chaos!

I invite you to work with me and we can release you from the past. Re-write your script & help you step into a new soul aligned life!

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