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Womb healing helps women reclaim their bodies as sacred. 

Reclaiming the true power and innocence of our womb consciousness. Reigniting the deep connection within us to the creation matrix within Mother Gaia and the Universe.
Allowing deep alchemy to occur within that is then magnified outwards into creating deeply empowered soul aligned lives.
I created this womb wisdom healing meditation is assist women in starting to become aware of this key area of healing as part of their journey through the Divine Feminine Awakening.

The womb is a hugely sensitive area of not only the body but the energy field & will hold 8 generations of ancestral trauma, past life trauma along with imprints, cording & trapped emotions from this lifetime.

Is it any wonder that this feminine power centre, the holy grail portal to the creatrix of all life is calling for our urgent attention. 

Manifesting pain, illness & infertility as a reflection of the trauma that has now awoken within and as a collective that must now be faced.

This is the start of the initiation and activation of stepping into your full Divine Feminine Awakening. To unpeel the unseen layers of pain, persecution, anger, fear & trauma that we each hold within us so that we can free ourselves of this burden.

In doing so we also pave the way for the new high vibrational souls who want to be born onto this planet at this time but can not do so if their prospective parents still carry this baggage. They do not want this karmic load and will not accept a lineage who holds it. They too have soul assignments to assist in the ascension of the planet & to take on such trauma would be a block to their progress & not part of the lessons they are choosing to incarnate with as part of their Divine soul blueprint.

This meditation works to provide a clearing, activation and updated Christ consciousness code download. I work within the Akashic records (soul records), morphic fields and bringing in the energies of Goddess Isis, AA Metatron, AA Raphael to deliver this powerful healing.

Helping to realign you from distorted grids and align your energy field to the Divine mother energies. Closing down timelines disrupting you receiving this healing at this time & assisting you in starting to receive guidance from your womb matrix!

Love and blessings

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