ARE YOU feeling the call for change?

to say yes to an upgrade in all areas of your life?

to identify the blind spots holding you back in each area, rapidly transform these so you can swiftly move through the glass ceiling you are stuck against

would you like to rapidly accelerate through the blocks for a 360 transformation that takes weeks instead of years?

are you ready to position yourself to leverage the new energy portal opening in November to quantum leap your desires into fruition?




i have Been Guided to create a 6 week group immersion for women who are ready to become their own life architect  

Assisting them to come together in a powerful container where we will activate a feminine manifestation vortex  

A place where you will speak, own and claim your desires 

accessing their Multi Dimensional Power As Souls By Expanding Their Consciousness And Abundance Potential

where you start to play within the quantum field & see the truth your soul holds- you are infinite and are made for more  

This is the only immersion i have created that will deeply transform the blocks in all areas of life on a weekly basis

this is like a whole hard drive upgrade for mind, bio hologram, soul & body

Matrix re-calibration, psychic surgery, bio energy activation upgrades, shadow talk, blocks & limiters clearance, channeled individual guidance, quantum manifestation, coaching (mindset & conscious awareness), DNA resets (feminine DNA & star lineage)- plus much more! 

weekly areas of focus:

week 1: Whole Life audit (time to get real on what needs joy expansion)
week 2: Heath (Laying new strong foundations)
week 3: Relationships
week 4: Money
Week 5: Business/visibility
Week 6: Soul purpose 
(full details below)

are you ready to become a woman made for more?

 We All Have A Choice Around How We Learn, Evolve And Expand
Often We Have Just Been Following The Crowd. We Were Led By 

Families & Societies Of People Unaware Of The Veils They Were Wearing. Often Blind To The Illusions They Continued To Seed Through Their Lineages

It's Through This Sea Of Suffering That Often A Deep Seated Knowing Erupts Through Us. Breaking The Masks We've Been Wearing Outwardly In The World Which Have Become So Second Nature That We Thought They Were True
So We Start The Initiation Of Soul Discovery, In This Lifetime...

 Often Tapping Into The Teachings Of Others From Their Own Path. Some Useful But Some From A Distant Time When The Worlds Evolution & Vibration Was At A Different Set Point To The Rapid Acceleration We Are Going Through Now & In The Coming 10 Years

It's Easily Witnessed That The Old Routes Take Time. Lifetimes Even! Often Missing Huge Chunks Of Vital Information & Leaving People In Suffering Longer

I Want To Share That There Is A Different Way!

You Can Download The Wisdom You Hold As A Soul To Align To Your Purpose & Manifest The Life, Love & Money You Desire!

This is RAPID Accelerated Soul Growth & Integration

Are You Ready To Become A Woman Made For More?

I am a Multi dimensional High Priestess of Soul Architecture 
A Teacher, an Energy Master, a Guide & Clear Channel

At soul level I am...

An Arcturian, Blueprint designer soul of the Melchiezedek Order who has many assignments to assist in the upgrade of the planets systems & energy architecture! 

From the Financial systems, creation of the new Feminine wealth consciousness templates through empowerment & the dismantlement of the old collapsed feminine archetype to how we give birth & raise higher consciousness children!

It’s a lot but I took on these pieces as I have mastered the tools I need for the job already! So I’m confident in my power, my gifts & my guidance! 

Yet, all of these descriptions are but placeholders that contain the wisdom rather than the structures holding power!  

What's truly of importance is how I access, embody, express and share my gifts!

Which is what I want to share with you Now!

This Will Resonate For Many Of You.  As You Too Hold Untapped Wisdom & Tools

Yet, No One Has Offered You The Keys Or Shown You The Doors!

I Am Offering You A Gateway Access Point Within The Powerful Vortex Of This Group Immersion To Access Your Soul Potential

Your soul brought you to this page for a reason

There is a deep longing within to bypass this cycle of learning through suffering and to start living in a different way

To recognise that if we detach from all that we have been 'taught' in a conventional sense.  We can open ourselves to infinite potential

When we tap into the fields of creation and can find new ways to channel abundance, money, love & creative ideas into our lives

Meaning we step out of the current structures that constrict us and our earning potential and ability to freely self express!

now is the time dear sister. Time to rise from the shadows Of Illusion. 
To plant a seed...imagine if you desired to
 receive more money in your bank account. You could tap into your soul wisdom within in the fields of creation

 Receive the guidance you need at 5D, from your future self 
 Then bring your idea to life in the 3D and offer the product/service in exchange for money (all just an energy exchange after all)!

This is what Alignment is about and how we can manifest heavenly (5D) expressions into Earthly (3D) experiences!

how about you start to make it a regular practice to hang out in the quantum fields.  so much so that you begin to feel more aligned & comfortable therefore less attached to the linear timelines of struggle

noticing things can become more playful, easy and your manifestations start to drop in quickly & from the most random of places
There has never been such a time in society where your presence, magick and voice is so greatly needed.  
Your soul gifts & galactic DNA Are Being activated, Remembered & Upgraded So you Can Experience More Joy on This Earth Walk & Remind others it's possible for them too!
You can’t have impact whilst also playing small and into the drama of struggle! It’s just not in vibrational alignment!
This immersion was birthed through me from deep guidance. 

I am being called to bring through more of my own journey, gifts and abilities within the sacred container of group immersions

Accessing my powerful vortex energy in the group is not only a powerful activator.  It also aligns the group energy to amplify and upgrade rapidly! 

This is the impact of awakened feminine souls when they come together with intention to uplevel and step into their power!  

This container will hold and support you in aligning your vibrational set point from the negative to the positive polarity

Deep transformational work will be created in this sacred space & I am excited to support and assist women in seeing and embodying their true soul potential 

This is what The Priestess sisters have to say about Working With Allera Dawn...
This sacred space is for any woman who is ready to SAY YES TO A LIFE OF MORE IN ALL AREAS

She has had enough of settling for status quo

She is no longer excited by the mass collective route that supports self sacrifice, hustle, struggle & behaving in ways to fit in

She is ready to be fully self expressed and is desiring the accelerated support, guidance & energy upgrade to get her there

This is for women who are ready for rapid transformational shifts and choose to do this in weeks rather than years of their life

Each week will be an unfolding of another layer to be revealed, released and new wisdom, codes, gifts and tools imparted to assist you in your transformation.
If you can imagine yourself as an intricate energetic matrix.  One that is holding programming at different parts of your field and consciousness that is outdated for the experiences your soul is wanting to manifest in this lifetime

A little like a computer running on old hardware and in need of an upgrade.  Whilst using your current 'software' you are limited to the codes and programming available to you.  You are also running at a slower more inefficient speed when it comes to processing energetic information and consciousness expansion

As we evolve we are called to take in more 'light' data and activate deeper layers of our soul's energy matrix as we expand our consciousness to higher dimensional frequencies.  The challenge occurs when our soul is trying to evolve & vibrate faster and keep up but as the 'software' and the current matrix structure hasn't been upgraded with each shift.  We become burnt out.  Leaving us feeling 'blocked' & burnt out!

 This is not only a soul and energy transformation. This is a physical body realignment too.  Whatever is limiting us energetically will affect us physically as well

I will take you on a complete Quantum upgrade throughout the immersion preparing you to rebirth
It's our natural state to manifest through the emotional state of joy and pleasure.  To tap into what makes us feel good aligns our energy field to the positive polarity of the experience spectrum

Yet due to the many lifetimes of soul influence, ancestral architecture, faulty abundance coding, corrupted wealth & love wiring and connections into the family matrix.  Many of us are quire literally wired for pain & suffering

It's like no matter what we try we find ourselves pulled back down to the lower frequency and then struggle to manifest what we desire as our vibrational frequency is never aligned

For some we have never received the integration programming for joy so can't activate that frequency!

Through our coming together as powerful Priestesses, a collective field of Divine Feminine energy is conjured. Within this WE CAN CHANGE LIVES & ASSIST IN BIRTHING THE NEW WORLD AROUND US!
The world needs your healing wise words and magickal powers! 
This is what The Priestess sisters have to say about Working With Allera Dawn...
Here’s what
Access to a private powerful Facebook group which is live throughout the immersion
Value: priceless 
Week 1
Live group Opening Ceremony via Zoom
Monday 10th Jan 22 at 7pm (London/GMT time) 

  • We will complete an 'All areas Life audit'.  Allowing you to gain real clarity around energy bleeds, space for expansion, areas of opportunity & where to focus.
  • We can't achieve what we desire if we don't know what we want.  Clarity is key and we then get our energy and aligned actions behind it for real life results.
  • Activating the group abundance vortex.  If you can't own and claim your desires out loud amongst others you aren't ready to receive them in your life!  Nothing just shows up unless we own it!  This is about owning our power to create without conditions.
  • This group will reset you on multiple levels into someone who always knows she is made for more and unapologetically claims it.  This isn't wishing, hoping, vision boards, sitting and waiting.  New life creations aren't from passive energy.  They come through momentum, expanded energy & alinging thoughts & action to attract the support, ideas, outcomes & opportunities that propel us to the destination.   
  • Introduction to the Immersion and how we can create and reconfigure our Soul expression and experiences holographically to change what we are creating and attracting in life
  • Everything is you in relation to you.  So we have the power to shift it all.
  • Council petition for authority over your choices and rescind antidote missions
Value £1111
Week 2
Health- Strong Foundations Reset. 
Monday 17th Jan 22 at 7pm (London/GMT time) 
  • Activating Energy Upgrade 1 (Key to capacity expansion)
  • Feminine DNA reset to original set point (not the distortions or missing links we inherited through matriarchal line mitochondria)
  • Re-program body consciousness to accept the expansion without shut down, die and sabotage programs
  • Often to avoid expansion health issues will be manifested.  This is a pattern that must be resolved.
  • Powerful psychic surgery of bio-energy field and extraction
  • Identify your current limiters to be transformed.  Let go of the stories and attachment to a label & the meaning that is associated to it.  
  • I will be working with the Galactic DNA to assist you on this upgrade in society 
  • Restructure of chakras including psychic surgery upgrades
  • Recalibration of etheric field, emotional body & mental body
  • This will be a powerful upgrade session on all levels.  We will be working on a whole matrix upgrade to dismantle any connections into grids/morphic fields of consciousness, implants, inserts and technology or soul agreements that are keeping you from grounding in the physical, removal of entities and parasitic entities, thought forms
  • Removal of the victim consciousness templating 
  • Money karma clearing protocol- (disconnect from clearing ancestral line poverty contracts and debt bondage).  Also any contracts to carry illness as a manifestation of this debt.  
Value: £1300 
Week 3
Relationships- Worthiness code
Monday 24th Jan 22 at 7pm (London/GMT time) 
Light code activation to align to the updated coding of the heart.  Allowing you to trust more deeply in your intuition without the field distortion so many experience on the awakening path.  Assisting you in more fully and confidently stepping into you heart field consciousness & bypass the illusions

  • Worthiness of love, pleasure and money is all connected.  
  • Understanding the limiters you are running that are blocking you so they can be transformed.  This will affect how you are organising your energy field and what you allow yourself to receive.
  • Starting to take new aligned action, set healthy boundaries and choosing only that which is aligned to your desires.  Committing fully to soul and self
  • Setting new standards, values focussed on high level self value & worthiness
  • Identify childhood trauma loops - free this energy from bio hologram
  • Etheric Brain & Heart field recalibration
  • Removal of placements, technology and armouring affecting the heart field
  • Restructure of chakras including psychic surgery
  • Removal of false light matrix/dark lord interference around helplessness & separation causing a loop to seek validation outside of self
Value: £1800 
Week 4
Money: Feminine Wealth code
Monday 31st Jan 22 at 7pm (London/GMT time) 
  • Activating Energy Upgrade 2 (Key to capacity expansion in field and bank account - to be able to hold more)
  • Identify the money trauma limiters & story loops & clear & re-frame
  • Sabotaging patterns of behaviour that need to change in order to create a new outcome
  • Channeled message regarding individual blocks to money upgrade.  This guidance will assist you in your blind spots so you can create positive change
  • Identifying your current money glass ceiling and resetting this
  • Increasing capacity to receive more money is an embodied practise otherwise you will swing into feast/famine patterns or find ways to let go of money and return to the comfortable set point of struggle.  We will work to transform this pattern & expand your capacity to hold more wealth
  • Soul level karmic clearing and detachment from outdated karmic wheel template of repetition around money issues and poverty cycles
Value: £1800 
Week 5
Monday 7th Feb 22 at 7pm (London/GMT time) 
  • Personalised channeled message to understand the shadow pieces affecting you - your blindspots and how they are serving you on some level
  • Understanding your patterns of hiding.
  • Projections (doubt, jealousy, envy, fear) clearance from your business entity
  • Identifying your limiters (patterns, programs and blocks) to next money level
  • Expand the field of wealth potential within your matrix
  • Timeline collapse and embodiment of future self knowledge.  Embodied action next steps.
  • Activating the flow of abundance through all energy fields and systems
Soul realignment - Many are unaware of the impact their energy field can have on others and surroundings.  This includes having contracts to 'wake others up' through cellular triggering and code sharing.  You can also be strongly in resonance with morphic fields of lack which connect you to fields that affect your thoughts.  Thus affect how you feel and the action you take.  Often the statements on the news re the economy or even things such as making the wealthy 'bad or negative'.  Will be part of programming to keep the masses aligning to struggle and scarcity. There are active programs to make the colective fear or hate rich people.  It serves to keep them dependant.
Value: £1800 
Week 6
Soul Purpose
Monday Feb 14th 22 7pm (London/GMT time) 
  • Integrating star nation energetic transfer
  • Channeled messages from Hermes Trismegistus and Galactic soul group teams
  • Aligning back to excitement & passion as breadcrumbs to purpose
  • Soul Blueprint upgrade
  • Identifying alignment and the signs of feeling off course & how to get back to flow
  • Quantum connection with future self to avoid mistakes & bypass events in order to leap to your manifestations outside of the linear timeline you are creating on.  
  • Expanding your vision to accelerate your momentum to create
  • Matrix - Recalibration of bio hologram to stablize your expanded field in preparation for new incoming energies & life changes
  • Energy intelligence transfer from the 3 most influential people that inspire you.  Working with morphic fields to receive information that can assist us in our uplevel
  • Accessing our soul wisdom to accelerate & elevate our upgrades
Value: £1111 
Daily soul Talk Meditation- Deepen the connection & become your own oracle
  • Restore to the positive natural state
  • Clearance of anxiety frequencies & disturbances
  • Bigger picture perspective to assist you in identify the learning and collapsing the contrasting experience back to neutrality
  • Daily soul talk.  The daily download to assist you in aligning to your next closest dimensional aspect of soul to gather wisdom that keeps you on path and deeply trusting our intuition
Value: £555 
Spiritual Guide Team Realignment
  • For many of us our inner and out circle guide teams will have been with us since birth.  Often we will contract with certain guides at points of trauma who will then offer support for the younger version of ourselves.  However the programs and influence can actually cause us blocks later in adult life.  This is especially the case in our relationships with the opposite sex.  Programs relating to the mother/father wounding can be held by guides.  If you contracted with them to protect you from men post an argument or experience of fear in the father daughter dynamic.  That will still be in place as an adult.
  • Each time you decide to make changes in areas of your life eg business, money and relationships it's good to review and upgrade your guide teams.  This means you have the guides on your teams who have experience of the area you want to focus on and can assist rather than block. We can also have beings who are not of the light posing as guides and ancestors who are running their own agendas (including poverty programming)
  • Within this realignment meditation I will be removing any deviant or outdated guides who aren't in your highest good or are aligning you to experiences that pull you into lower vibrational situations.  I will carry out a review and upgrade of your teams and bring in teachers of the highest divine order and frequency to assit and support you
Value: £300 
The total value of the Immersion group sessions and divine content is £9,777 
 but yours for only £2222 
Instalments available through Paypal credit! 
 Limited spaces available!
I want us to rise together and now you can! 
No excuses!
You’ll now have the tools you need to embody your Next Level! 
I'm allera dawn...
And I believe that the all parts of the woman behind the business must be loved, nurtured, supported and seen. All parts of shadow and light including anything that is making her dim her light. In order for her to confidently take centre stage as a soulpreneur in her life.

The invitation you have in front of you is an opportunity to bring out the ‘FULL’ version of you. Helping you reclaim your feminine power (including the activation of the wisdom of your womb), accessing self love, joy through pleasure and align this to your purpose. Helping you create a soul aligned and fulfilled life!

Before I offer you this gateway to transformation, self empowerment and purpose. Let me tell you a bit about me…
One thing to remember is nothing is static. Everything is in movement.  Nothing stays the same truly.  Knowledge is power and your soul is the gatekeeper to the infinite wisdom you need to truly live a prosperous, loving, fulfilled life that allows you to be your true self!  You just have to let it in to start helping you.

About 10 years ago I was woken at 3am and was shown in crystal clear clarity not only my current situation (a relationship with a man I was about to marry), my future life with him and the deep inner pain of loneliness I felt.  My soul literally woke me up with a huge warning.  WAKE UP, were the loud words I heard in my head as I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding so hard i thought it would explode out of my chest!

My soul was desperately trying to save me.  It ultimately helped me dodge a bullet.  To marry that man…a man I now know to be a karmic soulmate would have been the soul death of me!  I would have chose an Instagram life of 7 exotic holidays a year, a handsome man, great home and social life which on the outside looked ‘perfect’.  In reality it was far from it...
This Is What The Priestess Sisters Have To Say About Working With Allera Dawn...
This Immersion Will:
1. Help you identify the blocks you are running in each area of your life.  We will go deep into facing blind spots and shadow pieces that are running in the background as limiting restrictions for taking the aligned steps.

2. This is a advanced soul and energy architecture upgrade.  Instead of attempting to unpick the different layers yourself leaving yourself confused and stuck.  You will be expertly guided through a whole system re program and upgrade.  This immersion will allow you to accelerate your soul growth and change your inner reality and this will cause huge outer shifts in your life in weeks (not years).

2. Provide you with a combination of channeled healing to assist on this healing transformation (soul realignment, psychic surgery, light language and quantum field healing) and recodiving content that can be used throughout the rest of your deepening journey.

3. Remove the blocks, programming, distorted coding, imprints, entities and implants within each chakra and energy body and replace parts of your energy field that needs to be upgraded to hold more light or that has been damaged through trauma for example.  Often through many lifetimes we have energetically locked the channels that allow us to truly tap into the power of our bodies combined with pleasure for the magickal purpose of manifesting the lives we desire.

4. We will go on a journey of multi dimensional high magick to unlock the keys within you that allows you to access higher aspects of your soul wisdom and integrate into your current consiousness field.  This means you can leap past planned learning routes and elevate to higher timelines of possibility.  Which means learning that you can dream and create bigger.  It's only that no one showed you how to tap into the fields of infinite potential to do so!  This is about accessing your souls naturally ability and inner programming that the infinite is always possible and available to you without limits.  If we align to that frequency we can start to pull that programming into our morphic fields to align & accelerate our manifestations consciously by default.  This is about aligning to that inner knowing as your new set point.  We remove the layers blocking this so you can start to bring that awareness fully into being.

5. We will be removing the lack programming and all frequencies connecting to it.  Including highlighting the trapped emotions you are holding from disappointment, anger, fear and betrayal around money and love.  plus removing the thought forms and free floating memories that keep you in looping patterns back to old events.  i will be doing soul fragment retrieval and closing old timelines to break this pattern of connecting to the old and then as this emotion is triggered you manifest it into your future!  This will be part of the whole mindset shift in the program.

6. We will tap into the morphic field of joy and re connect this to receiving within your soul memory system and matrix.  Removing all pain=pleasure and love=pain corrupted programming.  Realigning you to the Divine Goddess Coding for receiving and do an archetype repatterning where you are playing out the Femme warrior or   and how we can use Goddess activations and magick to amp up your inner magnetic goddess frequency!

7. Join an intimate group of sisters in this intensive immersion where you will be able to grow, learn and be seen in a safe, held space.  

8. All sessions will be done over Zoom and will uploaded to the membership site afterwards.

9. Provide consciousness activating material to help you access more of your soul power, embody it and pass this on to the future generations.  

10.  The immersion requires you to take responsibility for your life, choices, thoughts and energy field.  Once the conscious awareness of the blocks are revealed and patterns seen.  You will need to take new action to see the results you desire.

11.  There are no guarantees of money received, earned or results guaranteed by taking this immersion.  You recognise your results in changing your life will be part inner work, energetics and taking aligned action in your life to see outer changes.
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