re-birth of the skull guardians & wisdom channels
This is a powerful invitation to accept the initiation of embodying Divine ATLANTEAN Priestess Power 

accepting the role as a guardian of the new skull conclave sacred sites & galactic soul group wisdom channel


Allera Dawn is a channel, high priestess & sacred key activator for the Atlantean Skull conclave consciousness.  she heard the clarion call that now was the time that thIER wisdom needed to be re-seeded onto earth

within a week of receiving the guidance she was brought a tribe of 13 skulls.  all of which are to be physically seeded on particular areas of earth as part of alleras legacy soul work.  allera holds the ability to open the stargate portals and create the new healing temples needed on the planet from her own soul mastery through lifetimes

these are new sites that will offer a pilgrimage route for healing, activation & planetary ascension as they are gateways for each of the different skulls consciousness to anchor & illuminate

by stepping forward & joining this immersion you will be taken through an activation connection to each of the first 5 seeded skulls receiving the transformation required to hold the physical role as a land guardian for these sacred sites

you will understand your own role within atlantis and clear the karmic entanglement that is present for yourself, monad and soul group

allera was guided to clear her own timelines in these epochs before launching her business in 2017 as they have a direct correlation on her ability to have a wide reach of her purpose without interference & the resonance with the lower collective timelines of poverty consciousness, fear & separation

allera will also be accessing the akashic records & identifying your primary & secondary soul group of origination.  any connections into groups that are part of the atlantean fall which is also repeating itself in current events will be disconnected.  allowing you huge karmic release to reclaim much of the power, psychic abilities that were blocked after integrity was lost collectively

you will be re-connected with your galactic soul group guides and mentored in opening your channeling abilities to reconnect & receive the guidance they wish to impart at this time.  part of your own mission is connected to that of your soul groupS

you will be reset to the original source blueprint of lemuria.  this is the blueprint before man created the distortion which has played out since atlantis.  this will bring great healing and freedom for your soul to elevate to a higher timeline than is possible currently

this immersion will create huge soul change as much of the experiences you have been living to date are a result of the karmic load held from atlantis. it takes soul maturity to acknowledge choices & self creations of reality.  this has meant lifetimes of trauma, suffering, attachment wounding, experimentation,  looping patterns & playing in lower dimensional playgrounds

we are being given a gift to release this now with the trust that we have matured & evolved enough not to repeat the same errors once more as our true multi dimensional abilities switch on once more

the first 5 skulls were to be seeded in water.  the consciousness works on a microcosm & macrocosm basis.  meaning every drop of water is connected to every living person, animal, being & ocean.  allowing this consciousness to affect the planet in a very powerful way when activated & restored

are you ready to be part of the change?

are you ready for accelerated soul growth & self mastery?

Are you ready for soul emancipation?

are you ready to become the new norm as past psychic abilities open up to assist the new wave of consciousness on earth?

The Atlantean Priestess is a coding and frequency that once again needs to be born onto this planet through those that are willing to step up and join that path

The time has come for us to create the new reality now with our full multi dimensional abilities and awareness in tact.  For eons we have been holding the legacy of the multiple falls of Atlantis. The DNA mutation, the experimentation trauma, the fear, shame, guilt and blame collectively for a cosmic experiment that received multiple interventions before it finally was ended

The time of Atlantis was a time where we held advanced knowledge and understanding in maths, technology, sciencies, energy and higher dimensional consciousness.  There was a strong connection with the Galactic guidance teams and different realities.  Communication was also in strong connection with energetics of the heart frequency.  Meaning telepathy & heart resonance served to assist intuitive feedback loops rather than a sole reliance on spoken word.  Harmonics of sound and light as language was also present for communication and healing.  Crystals both physical and etheric were great databases for knowledge & transmission of frequencies for all areas of society

Spiritual boundaries, integrity and intention posed the same lessons that are arising today for those on the awakened path

Which is why it's important that as we are now once more being allowed our hidden gifts to be switched back on. That we are approaching this path from a clean slate rather than fall into the same patterns of the past

Are you hearing the call of your soul to face your shadow in-order to understand more of who you were and are multi dimensionally?

For many of you it is not the trauma of one event that your are carrying but of two or three!  It was a time when humanity did not learn & this bled into both Lemuria and Ancient Egypt

Some of you were scientists, experts in healing, teachers, oracles or priestesses in the healing temples but are locked from accessing the truth due to fear

Which also puts the mastery and gifts you accumulated into pandoras box.  You have to face the shadow to return the magick

It takes deep compassion for self and humanity to do this deep work.  Yet it is the most rapid and alchemical work as it's ultimately what would be considered the time when humanity became disconnected from their inner source

The past is still haunting humanity & this the start of one of the biggest revolutions in science and religion known to man which will collapse much of what has been believed through history

The gateway to the new world will be to understand our own powers to create it using the gifts of miracles, healing, wisdom, instant manifestation that our souls knew and still hold

This planet does not need to be a place of fear, scarcity and poverty but there is a need for accelerated healing, wisdom and consciousness to be returned to assist us

This is the time of the return of the skull conclave.  A pilgrimage of awakening 

Many of you are on a subconscious level playing small.  Avoiding being seen at the wider scale that you need to make a real impact in the world.  This applies in all areas of society- banking, medicine, healing, coaching, teaching.  

Some of you are change makers here to re-build society in ways such as education, child rearing methods, climate & earth protection & bringing new galactic wisdom to areas such as finance or science.

How? You might ask.

Holding this karma brings a very deep 
remembrance.  A time where you were expanded, highly spiritually evolved, abundant, could manifest miracles & money/health/creativity/love was limitless!  It was a time of rapid growth for humanity.

Yet the gifts were abused.  The power held become tainted and this includes the part each one of us played.

This timeline is a deep reminder of our own abuse of power and it causes us to fear allowing ourselves to embody as much once more in case we do it all again!

So on some level the cosmic experiment was shut down and our toys were locked away.  The guiding forces and all the supportive influences were removed as well.

Yet we are now being allowed to open the toy cupboard once more if we choose.

Are you ready to take this inner initiation? 

Yet now is the time dear sister. Time to rise from the shadows you are hiding from. 
 Stop hiding, playing small and claim your magickal power! It’s time to step up and collectively create a new consciousness for women. One where girls are born into a world where wealth, abundance, freedom to express themselves and experience pleasure is their Divine birth right
There has never been such a time in society where your presence, magick and voice is so greatly needed 
Your soul gifts are being activated within you as they must be shared
You can’t have impact whilst also playing small and into the drama of struggle or hiding Due to guilt & Shame! It’s just not in vibrational alignment!
This immersion was birthed through me from deep guidance. I was taken on a journey to complete specific energy activations and open a vortex portal & stargate portal on the sacred sites across Glastonbury, Avebury, Cornwall, Jurassic Coast & Gloucestershire

Work over the past two years had prepared me for this. I previously unravelled the root of the dark arts affecting the sacred sites Globally and set about a dismantlement of the grids and structures that have been blocking so much of the powerful spiritual teams from assisting us on our Earth walk

In pulling down these structures space is created for new consciousness templates to be created. One where women can be leaders, have financial freedom and a whole new wealth consciousness grid to tap into for their wisdom. This means they have a new set of beliefs and to pull from

This was a ground work for Earth to be able to hold the re-seeding of the Atlantean skull consciousness in 2021

The first 5 skulls align to the water element in order for them to be able to connect with everything on Earth

Each will bring through a different consciousness at each site to facilitate healing and consciousness upgrades
 We are at a pivotal time where awakened women can step into the full embodiment of the priestess in their lives.  A consciousness that also supports the Emergence of the child leaders also being born on this planet.  The Atlantean wisdom required to create our new societies in ways that will support will the future high vibrational psychic children. Many new souls are being brought to us with insights and wisdom to lead from a young age and we must also create a safe world for them to thrive and rise.
 Beautiful soul if you have found this page. Your soul have already contracted for you to be part fo this bigger picture legacy work.
This is what The Priestess sisters have to say about the program...
This sacred space is for any woman who is ready to embody her Atlantean Priestess Power

Women who are ready to embark on a journey to claim their magickal creatrix power and tools.

Each week will be an unfolding of another layer to be revealed, released and new wisdom, codes, gifts and tools imparted to assist you in your transformation.
We will work on all layers of your being. This is not only a soul and energy matrix transformation. This is a physical body realignment too. 

Many women struggle to truly recognise the power of their body, their pleasure and how this can literally be a gateway to consciousness awakening & manifestation.

I will take you on a physical and energetic cleanse through the immersion preparing you to rebirth into the Atlantean high priestess .

You will be required to clear yourself of the karma from Atlantis, Lemuria & Ancient Egypt in order to hold the role of the land guardians for the 5 seeded skulls.
When we feel good and tap into joy, pleasure and a knowing of our inner power. We are ready to undertake the initiation into soul magick. 

I invite you to join a new reality, one that is birthed through your own Divine Soul Transformation and reclaiming of your  Priestess power.
Through our coming together as powerful Priestesses, a collective field of Divine Feminine energy is conjured. Within this WE CAN CHANGE LIVES & ASSIST IN BIRTHING THE NEW WORLD AROUND US!
The world needs your healing wise words and magickal powers! 
This is what The Priestess sisters have to say about the program...
Here’s what
Access to a private Powerful Atlantean High Priestess FACEBOOK group throughout the immersion
Value: priceless 
Week 1
Live group opening ceremony & activation (Zoom)

Monday 19th July 21. 7:30pm London/GMT time

Jurassic Coast Healing Temple Activation- Skull 1

* Purification Rite begins & blocks to past life recall are removed.  The energy patterns you hold will start to unravel as I do a deep morphic field realignment. 

As I activated this body of water it transmuted the natural and man made land changes at the site as a golden orb rose from the water.

This will be a powerful purification rite as we delve into the unravelling of karma on all levels of your bio hologram & soul.  

The skull conclave will bring through the transmission and guidance required for the activation
Value £1111
Week 2
Ceremony 2 (Zoom)

Monday 26th July 21. 7:30pm London/GMT time

Chalice Wells Garden & Tor- Glastonbury (Heart Chakra of Earth)- Activation of Skull 2

* Heart field distortion.  When we can acknowledge a story line as both truth and lies & in actuality just frequency you have held a harmonic resonance pattern with.  You can rapidly transcend the culmination of energetic resonance back to zero point.  This is a powerful collapsing of multiple realities your soul is still engaged in.  Bringing an abundance of soul vitality concentrated to this present timeline.   

As a land guardian for Chalice Wells.  Bringing the skull conclave consciousness to join created an immediate alteration within all areas of my life.  My timeline jumped rapidly and would not allow for those still aligning to their victim/drama life creations.  As always soul shows me much through existential offering.  I will share my lessons and integrations throughout the immersion which will act as medicine for all.
  • Bringing the Atlantean skull consciousness onto this sacred land means an acceleration of ascension for all that sets foot here
  • Those in the immersion will be going deeper into their transformation process.  Much of the karma held from the darker nuances of Ancient Egyptian timelines are deeply entwined with Glastonbury which in turn is connected to the Financial district in London
  • We must remember you are it all, have been it all and have created it all.  Freedom comes through this soul truth.  The lie of separation is a thread that binds us through time.  Expect a huge consciousness shift as we collapse reality
The sacred land is surrounded by water and the skull consciousness is using this to emanate a new field of consciousness on this land

Part of this will act to transmute past and future lower acts against free will or abuse of the portals & grids of this land.  The skull conclave are more powerful than anything that could wish to done and this land will only increase in frequency in the coming years as more of humanity awaken & hear the calling to visit

Value: £1300 
Week 3
Ceremony 3 (Zoom) 

Monday 2nd August 21.  7:30pm London/GMT time

Avebury - Re-Activation of the Lemurian original source Blueprint & water priestess codes- Skull 3 activation & light language transmission

- Opening the channels to Soul Group guides & becoming a wisdom conduit

* This is the start of your journey of self mastery and re-connection to receiving and translating guidance from your galactic guidance teams (these could be Pleidian/Sirian/Arcturians etc).  Allera will confirm the details of your soul origin in prep for this ceremony

* You will be given daily tasks to carry out to build this bridge of communication and trust it

* Spiritual hygiene & integrity is very important & will be taught

* Light language, telepathy & downloads.  There is a lot of confusion around these & most comes from lack of knowlegde around how to set boundaries with the spiritual teams & realms.  I will be teaching do's/don't and sharing from many years of experience

  • A dragon egg  (the same as on the side of Glastonbury Tor).  I was led to a dried out river bed in Avebury.  It was here that I also discovered a series of additional large stones which would normally be submerged in water.
  • The activation started here as I received information from each. 
  • I opened the stargate portal at the site & the clear message was that we must prepare to start integrating more of the higher dimensional wisdom - meaning preparing and teaching the channels.
Value: £1800 
Week 4
Ceremony 4 via (Zoom)

Monday 9th August 21 at 7:30pm London/GMT time

St Nectans Glen, Cornwall- Activation of Skull 4 & ancient wisdom keys activation

Everything but love.  This skull transmission is life changing!  Be prepared for an experience that collapses reality into center point and out into full expansion.  Releasing you from the distortion to your soul covenant with source & form

* Atlantean crystal re-connection training.  You will be taught how to re-connect with the active crystals of Atlantis and to stream their energy for healing. 
  • Little did I know I was going to not only have a vortex open within me on the journey to the site causing me to cry for 4 hours purging- EVERYTHING BUT LOVE.  
  • I then was able to anchor the crystal skull & transition the vortex which acts like a dimensional vacuum into the land.
  • I didn't realise till later that day.  I had to have this set up and in place as the G7 summit was being held in Cornwall the day after!
  • Additionally further teaching on navigating high dimensional messages will be provided and part of the channeling guidance.  The key here is you must know what you are asking and to whom.  Not just being open for any old crap to fly in without discernment. This will also form part of the homework
Value: £1800 
Week 5
Ceremony 5 via (zoom)

Tuesday 17th August 21. 7:30pm London/GMT time

Skull 5 activation- The Mary Magdalene Spring- Gloucestershire
  • A re- balance of the pure Divine Feminine & Masculine templates individuality & in unity
  • Removal of the bio hologram inserts that create the separation of the sexes as a patriarchal dominance program
  • This activation is on powerful sacred land & rebirths the consciousness of new leadership & personal authority without hierarchy or war consciousness
  • This is a powerful DNA activation that will clear the mutations from Atlantis and Galactic war and programming that innately has made us be prejudice to anything we believe to be different.  This is a deliberate act to cause conflict and war & is connected to the Orion wars.  We cannot hate another without also hating ourselves.  This can't be fully embodied till we remove the bio hologram distortion
  • Divine Voice activation - unlocking of the throat chakra to speak with power and authority
  • Future self timeline merge into your Priestess leadership role
  • Write a new script of ‘who’ you are (release the old story holding you at a lower vibration)
A powerful Ancient Egyptian Goddess intervention has occured on this land.  

Activating ancient ceremonial magick from the Rose Lineage.

The Divine Feminine is being called to unite and feel supported in her full visibility. 

I will share fully on the events within the immersion
Value: £1800 
Week 6
Ceremony 6- Channeling Live Q&A & Galactic guidance for the group (Zoom)

Tuesday 31st August 21. 7:30pm London/GMT time

There is a 2 week break between ceremony 5 and 6 to allow for integration and also further self practice of channeling

* Atlantean Healing Transmission Method.  I will be teaching a form of transmission that derives from Atlantis and can be used for rapid healing.  This requires discernment due to it's power and must only be used within spiritual laws & boundaries 
  • This is a chance for the group to share and learn from each other
  • All questions asked will be relevant for everyone and Allera will be able to assist in creating a deeper encylopedia of knowledge for each person.  Thus allowing them to translate the information they are receiving more confidently and without doubt.
  • When we allow the information to drop in without doubt/fear or distortion.  We build a stronger connection with not only the channelled material from guides but also source and soul.
  • Trust and daily practice are key. 
  • Allera will also share the information teh group requires for their next level expansion.  So will assist with the journey on wards on their soul path
  • By the end of this immersion each individual will be forever altered due to the level of karmic release.  This is the foundation to fully step into your power and create the life you desire without feeling you are in anyway blocked by the past
Value: £1111 
Personal Akashic Record Reading & clearing to gather the details of your Primary & secondary soul group of origination.  Removal of any soul blocks to truth you are still using

  • Once you have booked the immersion.  You will requested to submit specific information and Allera will gather this information.  This will be provided to the group within ceremony 3 when we start to open your channel to your galactic soul group guides and teachers
Value: £888 
FB Live Transmission with 450 million year old Orthoceras from Atlas mountains (18 connected to 3 foot crystal rock formation)- they hold innate wisdom of Earth before man and can assist us as change masters.  They are also considered to be the most intelligent life forms of the sea which is directly connected to the water connection of the immersion
  • As I walked to Chalice Wells Gardens in Glastonbury I glanced into the window of a crystal shop and saw this very alien looking form.  I'd never seen anything like it before and googled it's lineage. 
  • It was clear that it was showing up in part to assist in the rapid changes we are needing assisting in integrating.
  • Once home I connected to it's powerful energy and received that the 18 beings connected to the formation will communicate to me as one consciousness and assist in us shifting our perceptions as a way to calibrate change
  • Amplify ritual magick using the full moon through Dragon Magick

Value: £555 
The total value of the Immersion group sessions and divine content is £10,365 
 but yours for only £2444 
Instalments available through Paypal credit! 
 Limited spaces available!
I want us to rise together and now you can! 
No excuses!
You’ll now have the tools you need to embody your inner Atlantean Priestess Power! 
I'm allera dawn...
And I believe that the all parts of the woman behind the business must be loved, nurtured, supported and seen. All parts of shadow and light including anything that is making her dim her light. In order for her to confidently take centre stage as a soulpreneur in her life.

The invitation you have in front of you is an opportunity to bring out the ‘FULL’ version of you. Helping you reclaim your feminine power (including the activation of the wisdom of your womb), accessing self love, joy through pleasure and align this to your purpose. Helping you create a soul aligned and fulfilled life!

Before I offer you this gateway to transformation, self empowerment and purpose. Let me tell you a bit about me…
One thing to remember is nothing is static. Everything is in movement.  Nothing stays the same truly.  Knowledge is power and your soul is the gatekeeper to the infinite wisdom you need to truly live a prosperous, loving, fulfilled life that allows you to be your true self!  You just have to let it in to start helping you.

About 10 years ago I was woken at 3am and was shown in crystal clear clarity not only my current situation (a relationship with a man I was about to marry), my future life with him and the deep inner pain of loneliness I felt.  My soul literally woke me up with a huge warning.  WAKE UP, were the loud words I heard in my head as I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding so hard i thought it would explode out of my chest!

My soul was desperately trying to save me.  It ultimately helped me dodge a bullet.  To marry that man…a man I now know to be a karmic soulmate would have been the soul death of me!  I would have chose an Instagram life of 7 exotic holidays a year, a handsome man, great home and social life which on the outside looked ‘perfect’.  In reality it was far from it...
This Is What The Wealthy High Priestess Sisters Have To Say About The Program...
This Immersion Will:
1. Help you reconnect with your inner Atlantean Priestess. Healing the wounds of the fall and how this affected multiple timelines of Lemuria and Ancient Egypt. This wounding blocks us from embodying past mastery and soul gifts needed now for your souls ascension.

2. Provide you with sacred site activations (soul realignment, light language and quantum field healing) and divine content that can be used throughout the rest of your deepening journey.

3. Remove the blocks to finding your voice and expressing pleasure. Often through many lifetimes we have energetically locked the channels that allow us to truly tap into the power of our bodies combined with pleasure for the magickal purpose of manifesting the lives we desire.

4. We will go on a journey releasing the layers of everything but love.  This means gaining conscious awareness of events but recognising them as frequency that can be released without story or further attachment.  It's a complete bio hologram reboot.

5. We will reject personal poverty and make a declaration for wealth, love, personal power and sovereignty.

6. We will activate the inner codes for the Earth shaman- the land guardians of sacred land and the water priestess codes from Atlantis and Lemuria

7.  Receive the 5 powerful Atlantean skull conclave transmissions live in ceremony

8. Join an intimate group of sisters in this intensive immersion where you will be able to grow, learn and be seen in a safe, held space.

9. Provide consciousness activating material to help you access more of your soul power, embody it and pass this on to the future generations. 

10: All materials are housed in a membership site which each member has access to once purchased.  No materials may be copied, recorded or distributed commercially or for personal use. 
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