Orgasmic Alchemy

Taking you out of your mind and back into your body

your connection to quantum field magick requires you to be present & feeling good in this now moment- in your body!

this is the  next leg of the ascension journey 

Activating the Energetic Erotic Blueprint 

Re-connecting with your body as your modern day temple and channel for creation energy

we have held the power to access dimensions within us, create life & manifest whatever we choose to conjure whilst bathed in this frequency

this power & ancient knowledge was once reverred in ancient civilisations.  those who mastered the art of sacred sexual alchemical pracitices were often connected to all those in power.  from the pharoes to land owners desiring assistance with crop production

there is a pandoras box within each woman

One That we have sought to dissasociate from, fear, reject and hide 

knowing the power we hold is our key to embodiment & part of our ascension process to elevate into a new way of activating the creation codes

are you ready to release all the stories, veils, imprints & trauma that have kept you making your body the enemy & fearing your sexual energy?

do you long for the access to past abilities of the sacred sexual priestess who would honor, move & breathe frequencies through her body to draw to her what she desired?

to conjure through desire & use your own body as a tool for magick to anchor into the physical realm?

there is a need for this ancient wisdom to be re-birthed into the modern day times

i will activate your energetic erotic blueprint & remove the distortions within your sexual blueprint after lifetimes of patriarchal abuse & distortion

when you are safe in the body & channels are cleared we can the start embodied practice for orgasmic alchemy 


ARE YOU READY TO BE FULLY embodied, with a deep loving connection with your body and all the magick you create daily with her?

this is the route to pleasure, fun, movement, breath, flow & finally feeling space, freedom & safety in your body!

you were meant to live an orgasmic, pleasure led experience & this is the most powerful way to manifest!
i have Been Guided to create This 4 Week Group Intensive for women who are ready to become their own life architect  

Assisting them to Change The Way They Connect With Themselves & Show Up In The World

This 4 Week Container will be supported by A Different Energetic Supportive Force Each Week.  Holding The Energies For Each Woman throughout the week As They Un-peel, Integrate & Embody The Changes

I will Be Working On Mindset For Self Awareness Around your current blind spots so we can transform them. 

With Conscious Awareness We Can release The Energetic Distortions & New Habits & Behaviours Can Be Implemented 

 I will be channeling The Transformational Powers of the following change agents Who Stepped Forward with an offering to adopt the roles of guardians through each week of the transformation 

Their unique consciousness & energy signature will accelerate the unveiling of self through rebirth & soul alchemy 

Week 1: Arcturian teams, Galactic Councils of light, Akashic Record guides & many more- Purification Rite & activation of the new creation codes
Week 2: Goddess Hathor & the Galactic Priestess Confederation- Activation of the Energetic Erotic Blueprint
Week 3: Goddess Isis 
Week 4: Goddess Aphrodite

I will be carrying out Psychic surgery, Soul Realignment, Body consciousness re-programming, Soul Architecture Matrix Reprogramming & whatever else is aligned for the group to complete the Upgrade!

are you ready to step into your true soul self?

How Would Life Have Been For You If You Were Born With these Deep Core Beliefs...







These are Divine Truths!

Yet We're Born into Lineages and Absorb Their Layers Of Illusion And Limitation.  We Create An Identify For Ourselves Through The Distorted Lenses That Others Have Projected Upon Us.

We Allow The Constrictions Of Society And What Is Deemed To Be Acceptable to Dim Our Light & Clip Our Wings

So Is It Any Surprise That We Come Up Against Some HUGE Challenges & Blind Spots When We Choose To Break Free Of The Family & Societal Boxes And Start To Create A Life On Our Own Terms.

 We All Have A Choice Around How We Learn, Evolve And Expand
Often We Have Just Been Following The Crowd. 

I Ask You To Consider How Many Of Your Lineage Had an Empowered Relationship With their Body, Sexuality, Money, Power & Their Ability to Create & Manifest Their Desires?

How Many Women In Your Lineage Were Showing Up In Their True Glory?

How Many Were Able to Revel in Joy, Pleasure And Live Life On Their Terms.  One Driven By Intuition, Magic & Desire?

So How Would Your Life Experience And Perspective Have Been Different if From Birth It Was Just Given Fact That You Could Be Or Achieve Whatever You Wanted?  That Manifesting Was Easy & That You Power Is Infinite!

What Could You Change & Manifest In Your Reality NOW If You Believed You Can Create Anything & Weren't Plagued By Fear, Doubt & Illusion?

 A Whole New World Of Opportunities Would Flood Into Your Reality!

You Would Create A Very Different Energetic Container Which Would Yield Different Results!

I Want To Share That There Is A Different Way From Pushing Up Against Old Programming & Spending Years Trying To Uncover The Root!

This is RAPID Accelerated Soul Growth & Integration

I am a Multi Dimensional High Priestess of Soul Architecture 
A Teacher, an Energy Master, a Guide & Clear Channel

At soul level I am...

An Arcturian, Blueprint designer soul of the Melchiezedek Order who has many assignments to assist in the upgrade of the planets systems & energy architecture! 

From the Financial systems, creation of the new Feminine wealth consciousness templates through empowerment & the dismantlement of the old collapsed feminine archetype to how we give birth & raise higher consciousness children!

It’s a lot but I took on these pieces as I have mastered the tools I need for the job already! So I’m confident in my power, my gifts & my guidance! 

Yet, all of these descriptions are but placeholders that contain the wisdom rather than the structures holding power!  

What's truly of importance is how I access, embody, express and share my gifts!

Which is what I want to share with you Now!

This Will Resonate For Many Of You.  As You Too Hold Untapped Wisdom & Tools

Yet, No One Has Offered You The Keys Or Shown You The Doors!

I Am Offering You A Gateway Access Point To Be Held & Supported In This  Powerful Vortex To Assist Your Transformation

From March To December 2021 We Are Experiencing A Container For Women to Step Up & Release Themselves From All That Holds Them Back From Reconnecting To Their Sacred Feminine Sexual Nature 

This Means Deep Self Belief, Trust, Cycles Of Upgrade & Blasting Through Glass Ceilings!

This Is The Opportunity To Re Write Your Story!

This Catalyst Container Was Brought Through Me to Assist Those Who Are Ready For This Life Transformation

Your soul brought you to this page for a reason

There is a deep longing within to bypass this cycle of learning through suffering and to start living in a different way

To recognise that if we detach from all that we have been 'taught' in a conventional sense.  We can open ourselves to infinite potential

When we tap into the fields of creation and can find new ways to channel abundance, money, love & creative ideas into our lives

Meaning we step out of the current structures that constrict us and our earning potential and ability to freely self express!

now is the time dear sister. Time to rise from the shadows Of Illusion. 

 This sacred space is for any woman who is ready to start saying YES to life

Holding deep, unwavering confidence that ''She Can do'' whatever she chooses in life!

In this journey we will unlock the pieces blocking you - the old narratives and stories you are relying on as your database to manifest from
There has never been such a time in society where your presence, magick and voice is so greatly needed.  

I Would Like You To Imagine What It Is Like To Have A Hard Drive With A Virus. One That Distorts All That Is Retrieved From It. So Nothing Is Fully Functioning As You Aren't Operating From Full Capacity Whilst These Glitches Are In Place.

We Will Be Wiping The Inner Hard Drive And Replacing With New Software

In This Group Intensive You Are Being Taken Through A Process You Can Continue To Use Each day 

This Is An Opportunity To Step Into Your Own Power By Becoming The Energetic Architect Of Your Life And Energy Field

This Is For Women Who Are Ready For Rapid Transformational Shifts And Choose To Do This In A Few Hours Rather Than Years Of Their Life

You Are Far More Powerful Than You Have Ever Been Made Aware Of!
You can’t have impact whilst also playing small and into the Fear of Scarcity! It’s just not in vibrational alignment!
This Intensive was birthed through me from deep guidance. 

I am being called to bring through more of my own journey, gifts and abilities within the sacred container of group immersions & masterminds

Including leveraging the challenges I have over come in this lifetime.  One that started in severe neglect and abuse by narcissistic parents.  My voice was suppressed with violence since a toddler and my first instance of taking my power back was age 18 years old when I became financially independent, moved out of home & cut contact with my toxic family.  It was a leap of self love, compassion and inner belief.

I knew I was worth more than the suffering I had entailed and that even without support I would thrive and rise.

That was a chapter and not my identity and I use this wisdom to assist women in freeing themselves from the chains of their stories.

Accessing my powerful vortex energy in the group is not only a powerful activator.  It also aligns the group energy to amplify and upgrade rapidly! 

This is the impact of awakened feminine souls when they come together with intention to uplevel and step into their power!  

This container will hold and support you in aligning your vibrational set point.  Assist you in stepping out of the duality matrix and to create through desire 

Deep transformational work will be created in this sacred space & I am excited to support and assist women in seeing and embodying their true soul potential 

This is what The Priestess sisters have to say about Working With Allera Dawn...
If you can imagine yourself as an intricate energetic matrix.  One that is holding programming at different parts of your field and consciousness that is outdated for the experiences your soul is wanting to manifest in this lifetime

 This is not only a soul and energy transformation. This is a physical body realignment too.  Whatever is limiting us energetically will affect us physically as well

I will take you on a complete Quantum upgrade as we complete the re programming

This is a pivotal time of self responsibility and this requires each of us to face the knowledge that we are the creators of our own realities. By holding onto the stories, unresolved traumas, limiting belief programming and often at soul level still adhere to agreements of servitude, obedience and avoidance of being visible in the world. We then realise the power we have to transform our situations rapidly.

It's our natural state to manifest through the emotional state of joy and pleasure.  To tap into what makes us feel good aligns our energy field to the positive polarity of the experience spectrum

Yet due to the many lifetimes of soul influence, ancestral architecture, faulty coding, corrupted wiring and connections into the family matrix.  Many of us are quire literally wired for pain & suffering

Many women are also in a state of disassociation and are numb to the true potential their bodies can provide them

It's like no matter what we try we find ourselves pulled back down to the lower frequency and then struggle to manifest what we desire as our vibrational frequency is never aligned

Through our coming together as powerful Priestesses, a collective field of Divine Feminine energy is conjured. Within this WE CAN CHANGE LIVES & ASSIST IN BIRTHING THE NEW WORLD AROUND US!
The world needs your healing wise words and magickal powers! 
This is what The Priestess sisters have to say about Working With Allera Dawn...
Here’s what
Access to a private Orgasmic Alchemy FB Group (This will be open for 30 days post the Intensive)
Value: priceless 
Live Intensives- Group Zoom Sessions 
(5 In Total Over The Month)

Weekly Pre Recorded Modules (Videos & Music)
  • These will be held on Zoom, (GMT/London time). The vimeo link of the recording will be shared the following day in the Private FB Group.
  • Each week we will bring through another catalyst energy to assist in un veiling the next layer and in supporting you to shift habits, beliefs and behaviours in your daily life. These sessions are guided by the spiritual teams and are fully aligned to the requirements of the group energy. This is a brief summary of what will be included but this is always expanded.
  • Week 1: The Purification Rite - Monday 17th May (Zoom) 7:30pm (GMT/Ldn) and Sunday 23rd May 21 at 7:30pm (GMT/Ldn)
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Setting yourself free. Declaration to release all that blocks you from full embodiment of your sacred Priestess sexual powers.  Allowing your body to be a container that freely holds your creation energy without fear or allowing yourself to be drained by others.
  • This week is a deep purification process including any distorted sexuality templates or codes you are holding that align to the patriarchal power/abuse construct. Including DNA manipulation that occurred during Ancient Egyptian times to block the practices from being shared.
  • Clearance of any death wishes, vows, spell binding to block you from accessing your priestess powers/gifts or to be able to work with and access your sexual energy in this lifetime.  Also clearance of any blood pacts, oaths or bindings through menstrual blood.
  • Returning your body, energy channels to innocence & downloading the divine sacred sexuality definition.  
  • Activating the new creation codes.  These require embodiment to be able to be brought online.  This is what we are doing through the following weeks in the intensive.
  • Implementing architecture in womb and reproductive field to block taking on the energies of a man during sex.  You are not an energetic dumpster to process others stuff.
  • Psychic surgery- Removal of the corrupted violation/compliance/slavery/victim/persecution/PTSD structure architecture in your matrix field taken on pre incarnation.
  • Disassociation patterning clearing (this is on both soul & matrix architecture level).  Allowing you to bring all soul essence into the body and remove the pattern of leaving the body due to trauma responses.
  • Re-activation of sacred sexual priestess gifts you chose to mute in this life experience (voice/singing/psychic senses etc).
  • 30 day magick coded music list to realign you to the vortex energies throughout the whole month.
  • Transforming the persecution wounding- The wound of the Sacred Sexual Priestesses (Goddess Hathor & Goddess Isis temple lineage)
  • Coaching for mindset and conscious awareness to break the thoughts/patterns & habits holding you back.
  • Live FB Live Q&A.  To integrate the shifts and get support and feedback.
  • Week 2: Goddess Hathor & The Galactic Priestess Confederation- Activation of the Energetic Erotic Blueprint 
  • Weds 26th May at 7:30pm (GMT/Ldn)
  • This week we are starting the embodiment process of the creation codes.
  • This is a new way to work and connect with your body daily and the energies that can now start to flow through you as a channel.
  • Sacred teachings around the importance of clearing the vessel before working with creation energies.  It will amplify any distorted pattern as well as the more healthy programs you hold
  • Using sound and movement to clear the vessel of patterns (videos)
  • Running creation energy through the body and being able to flood organs for healing and also contain the frequency within the energy field
  • Energetic sexual boundaries
  • Sexual energy vampires (entities and men working with the conquering/trickster energies).  This also connects to past lives amongst the ancient Chinese empires where concubines/courtesans were used (harvested) of their sexual energy.
  • Understanding sexual energy and being present
  • Allowing yourself to feel safe to have energy flowing through you- breaking free of disassociation patterns
  • Clearing the projected and energetic imprinting of sexual distortions. Growth and advancement depends on women surrendering the use of their bodies for the benefit of the patriarchy/masculine. Clearing of the dark arts use of abusing the feminine and sexual energy through energy manipulation/objectification and sacrifice.
  • Bonus- Yoni Egg Meditation/video
  • Coaching for mindset and conscious awareness to break the thoughts/patterns & habits holding you back.
  • Live FB Live Q&A. To integrate the shifts and get support and feedback.
  • Week 3: Goddess Isis 1st June 2021 at 7:30pm (GMT/Ldn)- Sacred Dance Ceremony
  • Bringing magick into your practice- orgasmic alchemy
  • Teachings from the Ancient Isis temple- sacred sexuality and it's purpose and how we can bring this into modern day form to asist our lives, vibration and manifestation abilities
  • Reclaiming sacred sexuality as an art form as part of our ascension process.
  • Removing the shame around our bodies, cycles and desires.
  • Power of blood.  Menstrual blood and it's use in history.  Blood is the most powerful & binding energetic link to us.
  • Saying YES to your desire on a daily basis.
  • Being led by pleasure not pain (abundance vibration instead of lack)
  • The ripple effect- impact and raising Global frequency.
  • Allow your souls desire to express freely in all situations.  How your unique soul blueprint is activated through self expression.
  • Bonus: Master Citrine Crystal Skull Activation (video)
  • Coaching for mindset and conscious awareness to break the thoughts/patterns & habits holding you back.
  • Live FB Live Q&A. To integrate the shifts and get support and feedback.
  • Week 4: Goddess Aphrodite. 7th June 2021 7:30pm (GMT/Ldn time)
  • Deeply connected and in love with yourself is to be deeply connected to your feminine power & body.
  • Orgasmic alchemy to raise vibrancy and magnetism
  • Too hot to handle!  Radiant, magnetic and sensual.  In touch with your inner magic and embracing all aspects of yourself.
  • Owning your power!
  • Re wiring your subconscious to create your bigger vision. Expanding past the limits you have set of what is possible for you (all created from your old perspective).
  •  I will channel the wisdom, healing and coding of the Beings that have offered their guardianshp support in this catalyst container. This will enable you to more confidently access the deep soul wisdom and remembering of feminine leadership and power. These codes will bring a new found energetic response to all things related to being in your feminine power. 
  •  I will take the group through a Matrix upgrade and expansion to support and hold these changes. Including assignment of new spiritual teams for this next leg of soul growth. 
  •  Remove outdated connections into old fields, grids and matrix's (including those wired through the family matrix) 
  •  Reactivate the Core programming of self expression, sensuality, love, prosperity & pleasure - remove deviation / distortions and blocking technology. Re seed to both the Soul memory system.
  • Coaching for mindset and conscious awareness to break the thoughts/patterns & habits holding you back.
  • Live FB Live Q&A. To integrate the shifts and get support and feedback.
Value £4440
Weekly FB Lives
Q&A Session (FB Live 30 mins as needed in the group)

  • All questions are to be posted into the FB group before the session. I will then take the themes arising for the group and will answer these in the Integration Q&A session
  • These will be held between Mon- Fri (varying times throughout the month)
  • The Fb lives will be available in the group for replays for those who were unable to join live
Value: £1000
The total value of the LIVE INTENSIVES, FB GROUP & Q&A SESSIONS is £5440
 but yours for only £1444
Instalments available through Paypal credit or DM ME FOR PAYMENT PLANS
 Limited spaces available!
I want us to rise together and now you can! 
No excuses!
I'm allera dawn...
And I believe that the all parts of the woman behind the business must be loved, nurtured, supported and seen. All parts of shadow and light including anything that is making her dim her light. In order for her to confidently take centre stage as a soulpreneur in her life.

The invitation you have in front of you is an opportunity to bring out the ‘FULL’ version of you. Helping you reclaim your feminine power (including the activation of the wisdom of your womb), accessing self love, joy through pleasure and align this to your purpose. Helping you create a soul aligned and fulfilled life!

Before I offer you this gateway to transformation, self empowerment and purpose. Let me tell you a bit about me…
One thing to remember is nothing is static. Everything is in movement.  Nothing stays the same truly.  Knowledge is power and your soul is the gatekeeper to the infinite wisdom you need to truly live a prosperous, loving, fulfilled life that allows you to be your true self!  You just have to let it in to start helping you.

About 10 years ago I was woken at 3am and was shown in crystal clear clarity not only my current situation (a relationship with a man I was about to marry), my future life with him and the deep inner pain of loneliness I felt.  My soul literally woke me up with a huge warning.  WAKE UP, were the loud words I heard in my head as I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding so hard i thought it would explode out of my chest!

My soul was desperately trying to save me.  It ultimately helped me dodge a bullet.  To marry that man…a man I now know to be a karmic soulmate would have been the soul death of me!  I would have chose an Instagram life of 7 exotic holidays a year, a handsome man, great home and social life which on the outside looked ‘perfect’.  In reality it was far from it...
This Is What The Priestess Sisters Have To Say About Working With Allera Dawn...
This Intensive Will:
1.Help you to identify where you are deep in an often unconscious process of projecting past into present/future.  Teach you how your perceived experiences from childhood are now blocking you from stepping into your power.  Due to the compounded effect of the things parents have said to us or when they told us their own money illusions. It's through their distorted view which we have then absorbed as truth.  This is about unpicking the lies and stories so we can be free to create our own narrative.

2: Understand how you are expressing your current Identity both physically and energetically.  Then how mindset and strong belief programming amplifies this and becomes the default operating system a person creates from.

3:  Advanced soul and energy architecture upgrade.  Instead of attempting to unpick the different layers yourself leaving yourself confused and stuck.  You will be expertly guided through a healing journey to release the key events that are blocking you and removing the programming keeping them in place.  This is a whole system re program and upgrade.  This mastermind will allow you to accelerate your soul growth and change your inner reality and this will cause huge outer shifts in your life in weeks (not years).

4. Provide you with a combination of channeled healing to assist on this healing transformation (soul realignment, psychic surgery, light language and quantum field healing).

5. Remove the blocks, programming, distorted coding, imprints, entities and implants within each chakra and energy body and replace parts of your energy field that needs to be upgraded to hold more light or that has been damaged through trauma for example.  

6. Join an intimate group of sisters in this group intensive where you are safe to
 be able to grow, learn and be seen in a safe, held space. 

7. Sessions will be split amongst Zoom for the Intensive session and these will be saved to vimeo and the link posted to the FB Group the following day.  The FB lives will be saved and replays available within the group afterwards.

8. Provide consciousness activating material to help you access more of your soul power, embody it and pass this on to the future generations.  
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