My Path As The Modern Day High Priestess

My path to become The Modern-Day High Priestess was agreed before this lifetime began. Like those on a shamanic path it’s often through a huge life event that the process starts & gifts are remembered & embodied.

For myself I was born into a family lineage that held the mass of illusion, trauma, abuse that’s polluting humanity currently from expressing their true selves. For the initiate to understand the workings of these lineages we often need to be in it.

Although painful for the human self to live through. My soul left many breadcrumbs I had to follow to reclaim wisdom I could never be taught or learn through a book.

My magical soul orchestrated situations in both the physical and unseen worlds so I would have to step into the unknown & reclaim parts of myself. Gaining a deep inner trust, dialogue & guidance from my soul plus many spiritual councils & teams.

My soul has communicated to me that it desires to bring all my magical gifts & wisdom back online in this lifetime so I re-birth this knowledge into practical modern-day tools to assist humanity.

At times it’s a bit like a giant puzzle game and as soon as you discover one piece and integrate it. The bigger picture gets more visible & once more you get shown which part needs to retrieved and added next.

My initiations started with two near death experiences. One age two, which was attempted murder by my father. The second age four, where I drowned & recall in full clarity watching my lifeless self in the pool before being forced back into the body. I remember the discussions with my spiritual teams in those moments. A distinct veil was broken to allow them direct communication to guide me on the adventures that lay before me. It wasn’t my time to opt out!

Healing from these experiences & many others was part of my path. I discovered that I activated magickal supernatural abilities through need. Meaning my abilities would come online when I needed them to. No training or process. My soul brought me the initiations & through these often for my safety or to heal something. I would just have a thought & the ability manifested. Which took some getting used to as this didn’t fit with the human understanding of how the world worked. Let alone how we learned things. I later understand that I am accessing a part of my soul which holds the ability & through my direct access I’m able to access it. A bit like a form of spiritual muscle memory!

It was then for me to find ways to incorporate these tools into my daily life so they helped me. Which is how I now help teach my clients to access & incorporate their own spiritual gifts in ways that enhance their day to day lives. Not separate them from the physical enjoyment of life. Which many spiritual teachings end up doing.

Imagine how powerful it would be to know that you can access a state of being where intuitive guidance drops in. Freed from mental overload and guess work. You can access a genius state to receive what your soul already holds! This magic is within you & I love helping my clients unlock their gifts!

This soul led path allowed me to expand my consciousness out of the limits of the human or collective consciousness. To access parts of my wider soul for the answers & to create a new way of rapidly traversing the journey that is ever unfolding. It also involved me travelling the world to many sacred lands to perform healings and access lost knowledge held within these spiritual sites. They are like real life databases holding ancient knowledge for us to access when able.

I have birthed The Soul Architect Series™ as a form of technology to assist humanity healing themselves, gaining sovereignty & becoming their own life architects. Breaking the barriers of what we’ve learnt on the Earthly plane of what is possible & accessing our infinite potential to create from desire. Our natural soul state. This is an open system. Which means as I continue to up level through 40 day cycles through initiation. I can then bring the new wisdom technology through my teachings, working with clients, businesses, spiritual advisory work & shining my light as a Luminary leader on Earth.

Soul aligned living

My role as The Modern-Day High Priestess was not just a healing & spiritual one. It’s to re-define the whole Earthly spiritual model. One where religion demonised our intuition, made men/women ashamed of their bodies and sexual energy. Where we were taught to be spiritual means to ascend out of the body and reject the material world. Oh, and that money is evil!

All of which keeps us paralyzed from our true creative power!

My human classroom was to embody my spiritual wisdom whilst in the body and in the physical reality! A world where I didn’t fit in and often felt misunderstood.

I was also challenged to be able to hold my own frequency whilst being in areas with very low vibration & not be affected.

Finding my voice & owning my power 

My home was deeply patriarchal with quite Victorian beliefs. Like children should be seen and not heard. Punishment was being shouted at and often hit. I was the black sheep & scapegoat of the family just as many light workers on this planet are.

We are the ones who free ourselves from the family illusions and it’s often what puts us on a journey of transformation that opens us up to our purpose.

Imagine how it would feel to release the stories you hold about your own childhood. Many of which unconsciously shape the way we see the world & the lens we create with.

My work with clients is to assist them in becoming life architects. With conscious awareness of the root narratives, we can heal the threads of energy that bind us in loops to repeat old patterns. You become the director of your own movie. Where you can re-cast yourself as the leading lady & write the next chapter full of what you desire.

My early experience of money was that it was a weapon of power and control. The saying is that the one who holds the money, holds the power. In my case, this was my father.  

Financial freedom & climbing the career ladder in a man’s world

By the age of 18 I realised that the only way I was to break free was to become financially independent. So I got a job, bought a car and then moved out. Eventually making the decision that for my own safety and ability to thrive I must also cut ties with my family.

A huge initiation for an 18-year-old to undertake but such huge lessons in self responsibility, trusting myself & the universe as a whole.

By the age of 21 I was working in NY for a top Global Investment bank on a project that allowed me to experience the summer in the City. A completely new world from what I had known a couple of years earlier. It showed me that the more I said ‘yes’ to life the more it presented opportunities to me.

I later moved to London and worked my way up the career ladder for the top 4 Global Investment banks. In the early days there would be less than 20 women amongst 200 men on the trading floors. So I got a real world taste of working amongst the old boys club & how it could mean working like a man in order to accelerate my career.

Yet even from the age of 25 I was curious about doing something else. I had experienced career success & was managing a team of people much older than I was but still I knew there was more.

I took my first coaching course around that time but still didn’t feel I had enough life experience to be taken seriously. I also deeply feared leaving the stability I had created in my career. Those I was working with had also became a family of sorts. Providing a network, I didn’t have with my own family.

The soul intervention

In 2008 I received a huge intervention. My soul literally woke me in the middle of the night & shouted wake up. I sat bolt upright, heart pounding & saw clairvoyantly the timeline I was moving towards. At that time in my life I had been in a 7.5 year relationship & was engaged to be married in a few months time. I was shown that I would be a widow with two children in the next 10 years. My then partners drinking had been escalating & he had died young!

The shock and realisation of what I was heading towards made me realise that I had to get off the fast moving train in the wrong direction. I faced how lonely I was feeling even whilst being in this relationship and that there must be something more for me.

So within 3 weeks after a conversation with my fiancé about getting counselling. To which he declined. I decided if he won’t work at salvaging our relationship. Then I am out. I then unravelled my life, cancelled the wedding and moved out!

Are you noticing the nudges in your own life?

Can you recall the red flags you continued to ignore? These are the messages from your soul and guides. These teams are assigned to you through many different times and space. Dedicated to your success, happiness & fulfilment whilst on this Earthly plane. Yet we ignore them. Why? As no one taught us how to listen that we can ask for support. We are also holding onto early childhood fears where we would block our teams.

How could your life be different if you chose to explore & build that relationship with your own spiritual teams?

The shock of such a huge change. That also coincided with a recent job move & the 2008 financial crash hit me hard. It was time for me to seek professional help. My healing journey to understand how I had created that situation began with twice weekly counselling sessions for 12 months.

A year later, inspired by how much I had transformed. I decided to start studying to become a therapist to help others. This saw me juggle my job in Finance whilst also qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and study Gestalt Therapy. A huge step towards the work my soul desired me to bring to the world. A purpose I was not yet fully aware of. I just followed the next piece of guidance that felt aligned.

Noticing the patterns & needing to go deeper

Yet within a few years I knew there was still something missing. I had done all this inner work yet I was still attracting in dysfunctional men and flaky friends. It was in 2015 that the next initiation started. The soul & energy healing I hadn’t yet done.

What are you attracting? What types of people are you manifesting in your life? Do you struggle with saying no? Is there an inner people pleaser within who is blocking you from your fullest most pleasurable life? If so, you will also be dulling down your intuition & your soul guidance. As we get the most clarity when we’re tapped into feeling good. Which means holding strong boundaries & putting yourself first more! Are you ready to discover just how much more energized & inspired you can be?

This period was like an advanced soul bootcamp! One where my soul took over. My psychic abilities amplified; healing abilities came back online & I started to have past life memories flood back as flashbacks during the day. It was through this intense period of healing that I was being gifted technology that I now use today in my teachings, immersions & through 121 Coaching.

All of this was happening whilst I was working on the sales and trading floor of a Global Investment Bank!

Becoming unapologetically me!

I was then guided that I had to create a program to help others rapidly heal & transform their lives in a grounded, embodied way. By August 2017 I had launched my business as a side hustle. Knowing that regardless of what others thought of me coming out the spiritual closet. It was so important that my work was shared.

The journey of entrepreneur & also becoming more visible brought all its own healing initiations. Including healing persecution wounding which many healers & those on the spiritual path hold.

Yet I was witnessing the huge change in others. Inspired by seeing peoples lives being turned around. An abundance reset financially, their health, their relationships with self & others & them accessing their own soul purpose! It’s what kept me going even when I often only new the next step in front of me.

How are your own fears of what others think affecting you being able to say ‘yes’ to your souls truth and desires? Maybe staying in the play safe lane that you know well but has become uncomfortable as you know there’s something more you desire to expand into.

 Where are you putting someone elses happiness above your own? Tap into who taught you to do that? Those rules are often through our ancestors and the collective. It’s time to create your own rules!

My business grew rapidly and I scaled within the second year. Growing it to a multi 6 figure side hustle before leaving the world of Finance to focus fully on the soul aligned life I desired. One where I had the freedom I had craved for years. Where I could now choose how I spent my time & to go deeper into what I wanted for myself & the legacy I am creating.

I now get to expand my creativity & how I share my art with the world!

My deeper inner work helps me change lives & teach others to open up new realms of possibilities for themselves without limits.

Through saying ‘yes’ to soul I have accessed a deeper sense of fulfilment than ever before.
I realise my intuition & spiritual gifts are part of my magick to share on Earth. They remind us of our limitless ability to create way past the containers we often put ourselves in.

Deeper connection to intuition means stronger connection to soul & source. This is a key to receiving amazing downloads, ideas & the next aligned step in our lives, businesses, purpose. It allows us to receive more without doing more. This change in approach is key to amplified living & manifesting.

Are you ready to step into the highest version of yourself & say ‘yes’ to all of what life has to offer?

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