Are you able to be unapologetically yourself? 

This is such a powerful question to ask yourself. One that leads you deeper to your true essence.
This is a question that comes from realising that life regardless of how abundantly generous it has been with love, experiences, money and career fulfilment. It was done through allowing ourselves to be put within a series of boxes.

Young girls by the age of 7 have learnt to behave in a subservient manner and start to avoid eye contact. By that age we have unknowingly stepped into the role of the people pleaser. Subtly learning that to receive love and attention is dependent on conditions. Being a good girl.

Our basic need to be witnessed for who we are and loved regardless gets manipulated into a censored version.

Little girls are conditioned that their loud, boisterous, and messy behaviour is too much! Our boldness and desire to be wild gets locked away inside. So, we end up fearing that aspect of our true self.

Can you recall when you were told you were too much? Too loud or too outspoken? Perhaps you were told you were too full of yourself & to tone it down otherwise others won’t like you.

Girls learn early that we are different from boys. There’s a set of rules and we must navigate these unseen boundaries.

Girls are taught that to achieve in this world we must gain the approval, permission, and validation of others. Our merit and value comes from others opinions of us.

Can you recall an instance where you have ignored your inner voice and gone along with others choices? Even if inside, you knew it didn’t feel right? You chose to avoid possible conflict instead of using your voice.

This manifests in adulthood as not self-promoting ourselves. Feeling unworthy of being fully seen & battling a deep inner hole of unworthiness. This inner pot of unresolved turmoil often rears it’s head when we have to take a huge leap. One that takes us out of our comfort zone.

What we will find complex is that often we are comfortable asserting ourselves in our workplace and setting boundaries as we know the terrain and culture. Yet in our personal relationships we may allow ourselves to be years deep in partnerships where we have not spoke our truth and desires. We find ourselves in a rut or going through the motions. Not feeling we are able to be ALL of ourselves and feeling trapped by the life we have cultivated.

Where in your life are you playing different roles that aren’t fully bringing all of you to the table?

This is just a few of the ways that we unknowingly find ourselves caught in a distorted relationship with ourselves and our true inner essence.

This can affect the successful woman who appears to have it all. She has achieved the top grades, secured the promotion, created critically acclaimed success in her field & has grown wealth.
Yet the sneaky imposter syndrome, the perfectionism, the constant need to strive to the next exciting goal. Why? To gain the next fix of dopamine, recognition, to soothe the inner part of her that feels like something is deeply missing but can’t place it amongst the array of experiences she has created for herself. She created the dream. The one her family and society showed her. She modelled it, studied it, emulated it and it worked. Till it doesn’t.

Inside there is a confusing mix of emptiness, hunger, guilt, grief and at root shame.

The pandemic for many pulled many off the dopamine-based treadmills they were running on. They had to face the home lives they had created. The relationships that on paper looked great but no longer felt aligned.

Difficult questions were brought up as our souls left us no choice but to stop and listen. All the tools to numb, avoid and suppress were taken away. There were no new deals to chase, trips to take, travel adventures & social events to fill the void.

It brought the gift of a pause and reset.

Why am I here?

What are my passions?

Why am I not happy, even though I am successful?

What’s truly important to me in life?

What is the cost of staying in this relationship, situation, or career?

For some they realised they have created a life based on others happiness. Saying yes as they thought that’s what they had to do.

Some followed the path of education, marriage, career and kids by 30. As that’s what society led them to believe was the way to happiness.

It’s at this time their soul began to speak. An voice that reminded them of their inner feminine wildness. That energy of freedom within. The joy of play, dance and self-expression. Being messy, loud & in complete bliss whilst simply connecting with the essence of who they are. Enjoyment just for BE-ing. Without limit, sanitation, or censorship. A distant echo from childhood.

We can get so disconnected from our inner being that we create a life that can end up not feeling like our own. It no longer brings us the satisfaction it once did.

It’s this time that our soul is desiring us to go inwards. To find out the truth within.

To access our own true Souls Bluepint. The one that allows us access to the most soul aligned pleasure, wealth, joy and impact. By BE-ing unapologetically ourselves.

This is a journey of deep alchemy and compassion.

Once where we free ourselves from the cages of conditions that have kept us playing to others rules and ignoring our own needs.

This is about stepping into your role as the life architect. To re-design life by connecting with the parts of you that hold the keys to your fullest self-expression.

This is a journey to reclaim your voice, access your feminine energy, find pleasure in life and amp up your appetite for life (libido)! You start to access your authenticity and show up unapologetically!

When we tap into the voice of our soul. We learn to access the internal compass of our intuition. Finally, we can start to align to the deeper wisdom we hold within. A source connection that helps us lean into our inner soul path & the fulfilment in life we desire.

This is about removing the old trauma, stories and shame that have limited you. So you can amplify your light in the world. Just by BE-ING all that you are. Not a toned-down version.
Are you ready to meet her?...

Your most magnetic, lit up version of self! Making the most of this Earthly plane & lighting a bright light for other women to do the same!

This journey is an initiation of new self-awareness, transformation, healing and life design.

I invite you to join me & we can radically activate the sparks of soul, joy & passion that’s been missing from your life!

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